Receive Alerts for Latest Products, Companies Before They Become Trends

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Glimpse sends your alerts for latest products, companies, industries before they become trends. It keeps analyzing various platforms such as Google Trends, Twitter, Reddit, etc., to and then emails you at the end of the month. However, the free plan is very limited as you only get 2 exponential trends report in your email. But the best part is that the report you get is genuine and reliable enough to make your business or marketing strategies. The trends it monitors are mainly about products, companies, and industries. All you have to do is just subscribe to its free plan and then get trend alerts right in to your mailbox.

Trends can be seen on Twitter, Reddit and other social media when they are actually trending. But a product or industry doesn’t start trending overnight. It takes time for something to become a trend and if you want to know that a certain product will be trending sometime soon then you will have to keep an eye on different platforms. And that is what Glimpse does. It analyzes daily searches and discussions on social media about certain company or product and then generates its report. And this is the main reason, you will know a trend before it actually happens when you are using Glimpse.

See Latest Trends before they happen

How to Receive Trend Alerts for Latest Products, Companies Before They Happen?

Glimpse is a very advanced tool and maybe using some really intelligent algorithms under the hood to deliver you some really useful stats which will definitely be helpful for your business or marketing work. Just subscribe to the free plan on the main homepage of the website and then you are done.

Glimpse subscribe

It sends you email at the end of each month with the exponential data that you can analyze. To understand this, you analyze the demo datasets on the main website. Or, you can see the screenshot below to see the emails that it sent me. You can see name of the trend with the graph. However, the only limitation is the number of trends it gives you in the free plan. Only two trends are sent to the free subscribers.

Glimpse in action

This way, you can get alerts about the new trends before they actually happen. Just subscribe to any plan of Glimpse and start receiving emails about the latest trends. Not only that but it even offers you a referral plan where you can increase the number of trends it sends you in the email.

Closing thoughts

Glimpse is one of the best free tool to stay abreast about the latest trends. You just select the type of trends you want to get notified about and then leave the rest to it. It will keep sending you the exponential trends data that you can analyze and use that in your work. This is a reliable tool and can really help marketers and several businesses. What I liked best about it is the sources it uses for collecting data. So, if you are looking for something like this then you just go ahead and give this a try.

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