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Google Image Chart Editor is a free Google app which helps you to make Google charts or pie charts. You can embed them over websites or send them through IM or email. Google from its initiation has been making lives simpler for its users. The solemn pledge has now materialized in a highly useful and provocative app namely, Google Image Chart Editor. I never realized making pie charts was fun until I came across this free Google app.

You can make many kinds of charts, e.g. Line charts, Pie charts, Map charts, Bar Charts etc. My earlier pie charts were made in excel which required you to master many commands. The process is now concise and Google chart is a matter of minutes. Making a Google Chart is extremely useful as readers rarely go through the text and a graphical representation can concise the data and summarize it in a better way. So you can now make out the applicability of a Google chart especially for the math folks out there. ( This is a chart we generated as an example.)

Google Chart tool

Features of Google Image Chart Editor :

  • Free Image Chart Editor, At I Love Free Software, we guarantee the free part.
  • Simple to use, the Free Google App is simple to use.
  • Generic Editing, the editing of Google Chart is generic and can be edited by adjusting the values of the co-ordinates.
  • Simple Embedding code, the code generated is easy to implement over your websites or various content management systems.
  • Easy transfer through mail, the Google Charts can be easily transferred via IM or email.

How to Make a Google Chart :

I really enjoy this part as I really don’t have much story telling in this section.

  • Only enter the required data in the following fields, and your Google chart is generated within seconds of specifying the coordinates.
  • You can make a pie chart in any of the specified formats.
  • If you liked some pie chart over the web, then you could extract it from the website by specifying the URL.

Google Chart tool import

Google Image Chart Editor is a free Google app which helps you to make Google charts or pie charts. Try Google Image Chart Editor Free.

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