How to Create Public Website Traffic Dashboard from Google Analytics

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This tutorial explains how to create public website traffic dashboard from Google Analytic. OpenPerf is a free online tool that lets you create dashboard by fetching only important traffic parameters from your Google Analytics account. It lets you create a simple shareable dashboard. Statistics like page views, users, bounce rate, session duration, devices, locations, and many others. It consolidates all these parameters on a unified dashboard and supports multiple sites too. You can create multiple dashboards, all available at different URLs. This is open source as well and in later updates you might be able to use a custom domain for the dashboard.

OpenPerf is a simple tool where you specify your Google Analytics view ID and create a dashboard. You can use it as an alternative to Google Analytics where you see a lot of parameters that you usually don’t care about. That’s where this tool comes in. You just create a simple clutter free dashboard with only important traffic parameters. This is also good for sharing the traffic statistics with your clients. Setting up is easy and without code. All you need is a Google Analytics account already configured on a website.

Create Public Website Traffic Dashboard from Google Analytics

How to Create Public Website Traffic Dashboard from Google Analytics?

Using OpenPerf to create a website traffic dashboard is very simple. You just create a free account using Twitter or GitHub. After that, you will reach the main UI where you can start adding your websites.

OpenPerf main UI

To add a website, you will need to enter it domain and Google Analytics view ID. You can get the 9 digit view ID from your GA account from the Admin section. Just enter it and it will give you an email address that you have to add.

OpenPerf add website

Add a new user to Google Analytics and enter the email address that you get in the above step. Next, save the changes and then you are done.

OpenPerf add user in GA

Now, simply return to the dashboard and you will start seeing the data. Only the main parameters are displayed there with minimal styling. You can see all the main traffic statistics there and a simple graphical representation of the same. In my case the test website does not have that much data. But you can see a demo dashboard whose screenshot I added in the beginning. This is as simple as that.

OpenPerf dashboard in action

Similarly, you can now add multiple websites in your OpenPerf account to create a dashboard. Just follow the above steps and it will quickly create a dashboard for you. You can do whatever you want with the dashboard you just created. All of them will be hosted on different links and you can send them to the clients or just show off your statistics on social media with ease.

Final thoughts:

If you want to create a dashboard from Google Analytics then you use the tool I have mentioned here. Making dashboard is easy with it and it’s very good-looking as well. The dashboard only shows the important traffic parameters so that’s good to analyze overall site performance in a nutshell. I liked the way it works and right now it is beta. And I hope to see more features in the coming updates, especially hosting dashboard on a custom domain.

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