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Here is a free calculator website that supports 300+ calculators. It is known as “Omni Calculator“. From business calculators to financial calculators, Math to Physics calculators, Construction to Conversion calculators, different categories are available under which multiple calculators are present. So, this can be your single platform to perform different kinds of calculations. You don’t need any free account to use this app. Just access a category, select a calculator and start the calculation.

It shows the calculation result in real-time. Apart from that, you can also share your calculation result with others by a sharing link. The feature to share the result on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook accounts in also present. So, the features are good which make this online calculator very useful.

calculators stored under different categories

In the screenshot above, you can see the different categories under which multiple calculators are available.

There are many free calculators available for different purposes like scientific calculator software, recurring deposit calculators, etc., but if you need a free platform that contains hundreds of calculators, then this website is handy.

Type of Calculators Present On This Free Calculator Website:

As I mentioned in starting, calculators are present under different categories. So here is the list of all categories which contain different calculators:

  • Business Calculators: There are 44 calculators in this category which includes ROI calculator (Return on Investment), Pre-Money and Post-Money Valuation Calculator, CPC and CPM Calculator, Website Ad Revenue Calculator, Discount Calculator, Commission Calculator, Margin Calculator, Markup Calculator, Markdown Calculator, Optimal Price Calculator, GST Calculator, Depreciation Calculator, Hourly to Salary – Wage Calculator, and more.
  • Construction Calculators: This category has 22 calculators in which you will find Brick Calculator, Square Footage Calculator, Drywall Calculator, Gravel Calculator, Tile Calculator, Soil Calculator, Paint Calculator, Pool Calculator, Roofing Calculator, Wallpaper Calculator, Concrete Estimator, etc.
  • Fitness Calculators: provides Body Shape Calculator, BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index), Bench Press Calculator, Calories Burned Calculator, Hiking Calculator, Max Heart Rate Calculator, Pace Calculator, Tennis Balls, Wilks Calculator, Target Heart Rate Calculator, Ideal Weight Calculator, and more.
  • Chemistry Calculators: It contains 11 calculators– Boiling Point Calculator, Activation Energy Calculator, Atom Calculator, Boiling Point at Altitude Calculator, Molarity Calculator, Solution Dilution Calculator, Half Life Calculator, etc.
  • Finance Calculators: 27 calculators fall under this category. These are: Compound Interest Calculator, Early Retirement Calculator, Investment Calculator, Partially Amortized Loan Calculator, Future Value Calculator, Savings Calculator, Interest Calculator, Mortage Calculator, Least Calculator, RV Loan Calculator, Retirement Calculator, etc.
  • Conversion Calculators: This category brings Binary Converter, Acreage Calculator, MPG Converter, Density Conversion, Byte Conversion Calculator, PPM Calculator, Length Conversion Calculator, Speed, Pressure, Temperature, Weight Calculators, etc.
  • Physics Calculators: This category has 67 calculators, which is more than any other category. You can use it to calculate Acceleration, Density, Bernoulli Equation, Friction, Buoyancy, Gravitational Force, Kinetic Energy, Pulley, Simple Harmonic Motion, Torque, Work and Power, Velocity, and more.
  • Statistics Calculators: If you want to do calculations related to Binomial Distribution, Combination, Average Rating, Chi Square, Lottery, Geometric Calculator, Permutation, Point Estimate, P-value, Z-score, etc., then this category is helpful.
  • Health Calculators: I like this category as many health related calculators are present here. It includes Addiction, Body Fat, Blood Alcohol, Blood Sugar, Caffeine, Calorie, Cholesterol, Fat Intake, Child Height, MAP Calculator (Mean Arterial Pressure, Meal Calorie, Smog, Sleep, Protein, Stroke Volume, Waist to Hip, and other calculators.
  • Math Calculators: After Physics category, Math Calculator category has the maximum number of calculators (total 65) on this website. You can use it to calculate Percentage, Percentage Difference, Cube Root, Exponent, Factorial of any number, Log, Proportion, Ratio, Quadratic Formula, Remainder, Factor, Weighted Average, Distance, Parabola, Cross Product, Parallel Line, Slope, Perpendicular Line, etc.
  • Games Calculators: It has only 3 calculators which include Earned Run Average (ERA) Calculator, Winning Percentage Calculator, and Pokemon Go Candy.
  • Other Calculators: The rest of the calculators such as Azimuth Calculator, Beer Pong Calculator, Electricity Cost Calculator, Bandwidth Calculator, English Learning Time, Gas Calculator, Pizza Size Calculator, PPI (Pixels Per Inch) Calculator, etc., can be found under this category.

Using This Free Calculator Website:

Omni Calculator is extremely easy to use website. Everything from selecting a calculator to performing calculations is pretty easy.

Open the homepage of this calculator website using the link present at the end of this review. Now there will be different categories in front of you. Access any category. You can also use the Search box to directly access a particular calculator. Or else, simply select a category.

select a category or search for a calculator

When the category is selected, the list of all calculators related to that category will visible. Now you need to select a calculator of your choice.

select a calculator

When the calculator is selected, you can do the calculations on the left section and the result will visible in real-time. When the final output is generated, you can press “Send this result” button and generate sharing URL.

do calculation and share result

In a similar way, you can use other calculators and do the calculations.

The Conclusion:

Those who do the different type of calculations regularly or need some very simple option that supports hundreds of calculators, this website is handy. You can bookmark it or directly open its homepage and explore categories to find the suitable calculator and do the calculations. Its feature to share the result with others makes it more useful.

Try this website.

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