Practice Programming Online by Solving Problems from Real Projects:

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free open source platform where you can practice programming by solving problems from real projects. Here you get different programming challenges for different programming languages. You can get some help from the question itself and if you want you can look at the solutions as well posted by others. Some challenges are easy and some are somewhat tough as you will have to spend more time in research in them in order to complete them. In most of the challenges there is a demo to show you how the final project should work and related documentation in the there. All you have to do is create a free account and then take part in a contest virtual the challenge from the list.

If you are student in high school or college and learning programming then is a good website for you to boost your programming skills. Here you will find different challenges to work on from different languages. The website allows you select challenges based on specific domain or difficulty level. You can also list the challenges by different tags and then just take anyone and start working on it. This is simple and after you submit your homework for review, you can also check out solutions by others.

Practice Programming Online by Solving Problems from Real Projects

Practice Programming Online by Solving Problems from Real Projects:

You can go to from here and then create a free account. After that you go to the challenges section and then choose any challenge that you think you can complete. If you are willing to spend more time in learning and researching then you can choose a difficult assignment. challenges

You can go through the challenge details such as the demo of the final output, some miscellaneous documentation, and some other guidelines. For example in my case you can see, I chose a challenge in which I have to create a counter in JavaScript. This is kind of a toy problem but it gives you the idea what kind of challenges it has. If you are interested in topics like full stack development then you can choose challenges from that domain as well. coding challenge details

After you have enrolled yourself in a challenge, you can just fire up your code editor and then start working on it. You can test the proper functionality of the assignment on your computer and then submit it. coding challenge

After you submit the assignment you have just completed, you can check the solutions posted by others on the website. This is good and it gives you an idea how a specific problem can be solved in multiple ways. And you can learn a lot from this solution that others have committed for the same problem. challenge solutions

In this way, you can use this simple and quite useful website to boost your programming skills. You just have to enroll in any competition or a challenge and then submit your solution and also analyze the solutions submitted by other. Apart from programming challenges, you can take part in contest and some projects. However, the context path is still not available and it will be there in the next updates.

Closing thoughts

I really liked the idea of open source platform for programming challenges. And I liked some challenges that are posted there for now.  Even though, the website has less content as of now, I believe there will be more good stuff in later days. So, if you are looking for a free and open source platform to practice your programming skills, then give a try.

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