Free Service to Inject Scripts to a Live Website to See Real Time Changes

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Here is a free service to inject scripts to a live website to see real time changes. The web service which lets you do it is called and you can use it to do the same. The website requires a URL of the website that you want to modify and then you can inject your HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery code in it for modification. The changes appear in real time and you can even share the result with people you like. And the best part is that, the changes you make to a certain page will be applied to the whole website. When someone browses the website using the URL you have shared, he will see the modified version of that website. Of course, nothing actually changes in the original website, and only the URL that you share will have the changes you made. is quite a handy website which lets you modify a live website. And it doesn’t require the source code of the website to make changes. All you have to do is just prepare the script, and inject it to the website using the interface of And then corresponding changes will appear in real time.

Service to Inject Scripts to a Live Website

Now, let’s take a deeper dive and see what it takes to inject scripts to a live website.

How to use to Inject Scripts to a Live Website?

Using to inject scripts to a live website is pretty easy. The website requires a registration process using your GitHub or Bitbucket account. After that, you will be able to create a number of mods corresponding to different websites. There is a code editor in the website that you can use to inject the scripts according to the changes you want to see. After that, the changes will appear in real time. You can then share the result via URL.

Here are the easy steps to inject scripts to a live website usi9ng

Step 1: Open your browser and visit the homepage of from this URL. After that, sign in using your GitHub or Bitbucket account.

sitemod interface login

Step 2: A pane will appear on the right side of its interface. On the top of this Mod you will see two fields. Use these to type the name of your mod and URL of the website that you want to manipulate.

sitemod mod name website url

Step 3: The website will now open on its web interface. Click on edit option and again the same side pane will appear. Use its interface to paste the script that you want to inject.

sitemod injected script

Step 4: Click on the Save button and then the changes will appear on it. You can then share the URL of the modified website using the Share option. You can see the below screenshot in which I have tried to invert the page color of the target website using JavaScript.

sitemod injection in action

So, this is how you can easily inject scripts to a live website. And makes it pretty simple to do that. You can inject any kind of script you want and then see the real time changes.

Closing Thoughts: is really a nice free service to inject scripts to a live website. You can choose any target website to inject scripts and it will take just a moment for changes to appear in real time. So, if you want to make some change to a website and show the changes to your client in the live website, instead of actually changing the website, then is a great option for that.

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