Torch App for iPhone with Blinking Functionality

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Torch is a free iPhone app. As you would have guessed by the name of the app that it is a torch app. There is nothing more this app offers apart from the torch function.

The developers claim that it is the brightest torch. By the looks of it it actually might be. But then again its using the phone’s camera flash as a torch, so it can be as bright as the camera flash is.

As for the interface of the app, you can say it is bare minimum. Just one screen as shown below in the screenshot.

torch interface

The interface has a black screen with a round on-off button in the center. Three boxes at the top of the screen which are lit white in color when you switch on the torch and go back to black color when you switch of the torch.

There is a grey strip which says “strobe” on it and a number counter below it. What strobe does is, to say it in simple words, it gives a blinking effect to the torch light. When you slide your finger towards right side on the three boxes at the top, the number counter below will change. This number counter changing will add the blinking effect to your torch light. Now, the counter starts from 0 and goes upto 9. At zero, the torch light is stable. But, as soon as you start moving the number counter the light starts blinking. Putting a higher number on the counter will make the torch light blink faster and reducing the number on the counter will slow down the speed of torch light blinking.

The app does support ads. You will notice ads being displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The only use I could think of for this app after testing it is obviously like a torch if you are walking in a dark area, or trying to find something in a dark room. Also, as the strobe makes the torch light blink, it can be used as a signal amongst friends for anything. For example, if you and your friends have to attend a boring wedding function, then all of you can decide that blinking the torch light twice means all of you laugh out loud in middle of the place, or blinking the torch light thrice would means everybody get up together and start running out of the wedding hall, just to scare everybody. Wow!! you must be thinking that I’m writing this out of experience. Well that is for you people to guess.

All in all a good basic app, does what it says. So go ahead and try it out.

For downloading Torch search for it in iTunes or click here. You can also download it by scanning the QR code given below.

torch qrcode

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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