iPhone App to Backup Contacts: IS Contacts Kit Free

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IS Contacts Kit Free is a iPhone app to backup all your contacts from your address book. Having a backup of your contacts assures you that in case your address book gets deleted or you have to factory reset your phone you will still have a backup of all your contacts. All you would need to do is restore the backup file from IS Contacts.

IS Contacts Kit allows you to back up your contacts in Excel, Gmail (CSV), Outlook (XLS) or vCard format. Once you create a backup you can either mail it to yourself, or upload it to Dropbox or can also have a preview of the backup file. After securing the backup file to Dropbox or email you can go ahead and delete the version stored in this app if you want.

Let’s see how this app works:

Once you install and open this app you will see a screen like the one shown in the below screenshot.

contacts kit home

It will show you four options:

Merge: This function will let you merge duplicate contacts. When you click on this, your address book will be scanned for duplicate entries. After which you will be asked to merge the duplicate contacts. You can choose to ignore as well if you have two contacts with the same name.

Import: In case your address book is deleted, you can import the backup you created using this option.

Export: This option is used to export your address book contacts. You have the option to select all of your contacts or you can even pick only the important ones out of the many.

Backup: This option will create a backup of all your contacts in the form of a zip file.

When you are exporting your contacts, you will be asked to select in which format would you like your data to be stored. You have 4 options, Excel, Gmail (CSV), Outlook (XLS), vCard.

contacts kit backup

After selecting the format, click on the export button. It will immediately copy all your contacts and create a backup for you. This backup file can be previewed, emailed or synced with Dropbox. Thus you can be sure that your backup will be secure and you can use it when required.

Another cool feature this app has is the WiFi share option. In this option if your PC and iPhone are connected to the same WiFi, then you will be able to see the backup you created on your PC too through a unique IP address. See the screenshot below.

contacts kit wifi

All in all IS Contacts Kit is a good app to export and backup your phone address book.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
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