AppBox for iPhone: A Combination of 11 Inbuilt Utility Apps

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AppBox for iPhone is a free application that has 11 inbuilt utility type applications which can be really handy at times. These applications are Currency Converter, Date Calculator, Days Until, Holidays, Clinometer, Loan, Price Grab, pCalendar, Tip Calculator, Unit Converter and Mirror. All these applications are available as separate applications on the app store and it is good to have a single application that covers everything instead.

The application is not optimized for iOS 7 though, which is a down side. You can also link your data with the iTunes and Dropbox if you fear loosing the data stored in Loan application or the pCalendar application.


As mentioned before, AppBox is a combination of 11 other applications. These application are as follows:


This application converts one type of currency into the other with current conversion rates. The supported currencies are INR, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, MXN, CNY, AUD, CHF, KRW. There is one update button tapping on which updates the data of all the currencies. You can also delete some of the currencies if you don’t want them to be in the menus.


Date Calculator:

Date calculator can perform four functions:

  1. Between Function tells you the number of days between two dates you have chosen.
  2. The Adding function gives you the date after a certain number of days. For example, what is the date after 55 days? This is pretty often needed by many people.
  3. Day function tells you what day it will be on a particular date. Instead of browsing the calendar you can simply pick a date and get the answer.
  4. Lunar to Solar Converter calculates uncertainty in the calculation of the time of moon phases and solar terms decades ahead may be up to a few minutes.


Days Until:

In this function you can add some important dates of your life like birthdays, meetings, project submission dates and this application display will tell you how many days are left for that day. If the day has already passed it will show you how many days ago that event was.


The holidays option gives you a list of holidays simply. The holidays are displayed for various countries and religions. You can change this from the settings by adding or deleting the countries.



This application tells you about the slope of the surface. There are two modes. In the surface mode you have to keep the phone camera side down to get the results and in the bubble mode you have to keep the phone as edge down to get the results. The answer can be displayed in the degrees or the percentage of slope. You can also lock the answer to record it safely afterwards without disturbing it.



The Loan Calculator takes the amount, term of the loan and interest rates as input and gives you the monthly payment, monthly average interest, total interest and the total amount as output. Either you can get this information for one loan or you can compare two financing options using this information.


Price Grab:

In this option you can enter the price and quantity of two commodities to get their unit price. The data is compared with the help of bar graphs.



This application is meant for couples and specifically women. This calculates the Menstrual cycle, days with increased probability of pregnancy, days you are ovulating. All this data is marked with different colours on the calendar so that family planning can be done more efficiently.


Tip Calc:

This application takes the amount of the bill, tax rates, and the percentage of tip as the input and gives you the total amount as output. You can also use it to split bills amongst the number of people who are paying it.



The unit converter converts data into different units. The supported categories are Area, Length, Pressure, Temperature, Volume and Weight. Each of these categories have various units within them.



The mirror application simply uses the front camera to show you the reflection and hence can be used as mirror. You can pinch zoom or pinch out, rotate with two fingers to adjust the mirror.

Final Verdict:

It is always good to have an application that encloses small handy applications like this. If you are annoyed by having a separate application for each of the above mentioned functions, this one is for you.

Get AppBox for iPhone free from here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 1]
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or later
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