iPad Weather App to Get Updates From Local Weather Stations

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WunderStation is a free iPad weather app to get updates from local weather stations. The app boasts of having more than 37000 weather stations. This is the feature which makes it different from other iPad weather apps.  You can choose any weather station, be it near your location or any other location in the world.

Apart from just choosing weather stations, you can check weather reports for the temperature, daily forecast, rainfall, wind, gusts, pressure, sky conditions, UV index, and solar radiation. This app also provides a deep insight in weather reports with the help of graphs, comparisons, and other visual graphics.


Using This iPad Weather App to Get Updates from Local Weather Stations:

When you launch WunderStation iPad weather app, you will see a blank interface, with an option to add local weather station. The app will show you the nearest available weather stations on the basis of your current location. However, you can also search for any other location using the search bar at top.

Select Local Weather Stations

On adding at least one weather station, you will see the interface of the app, as shown in the screenshot below. The name of the location is displayed at top.  You can check real time weather updates on the main interface. The interface is divided along different Widgets. These widgets are: Temperature, Temperature – Today, Location, Daily Forecast, Rainfall – Today, Pressure, Pressure-Today, Sky Conditions, UV Index, and Solar Radiation.

WunderStations Interface

You can choose to add, remove, drag, and drop these widgets as per your preference. Each of these widgets displays different information and stats. Each displays an overview of the weather report, but you can tap on them to get detailed stats.

Lets see what each of these widget offers:

  • Temperature: It displays current weather, dewpoint, humidity, and heat index in overview. In detailed view stats, it shows temperature/dew point/humidity for last 365 days, 30 days, 7 days, yesterday, and today.
  • Temperature – Today: Its same like above one, but it displays weather information in graphical form, which makes it easier to compare and analyse. You can get a graph for Day, Week, Month, and Year, along with an option to choose graph layer.
    Temperatre - Today
  • Location: This widget is for choosing the location for which you want to get weather reports. Tap on it to get map and search for the location of your choice.
  • Daily Forecast: It shows forecast for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Tap on it to see weather forecast for next 24 hours or 10 days.
    Daily Forecast
  • Rainfall – Today: It shows rainfall in graphical form for the current day and location chosen by you. Tap on it to get it for the week, month, and year.
    Rainfall - Today
  • Wind & Gusts: It shows current wind speed and direction. Tap on it to check wind report for last 365 days, 30 days, 7 days, yesterday, and today.
    Wind & Gusts
  • Pressure: It displays the current pressure. Tap on it to check pressure report for last 365 days, 30 days, 7 days, yesterday, and today.
  • Sky Conditions: It displays the sky conditions along with sunrise/sunset time, Moon illuminated %, next full moon and new moon dates.
    Sky Conditions
  • UV Index: It shows current UV index, risk factor. Tap on it to see UV risk factor by skin type.
    UV Index
  • Solar Radiation: It displays current solar radiation. Tap on it to view today vs year comparison.
    Solar Radiation

The app lets you make changes to unit system for displaying weather information. You can change units for Temperature, Rain, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed, Solar Radiation, and even choose Map type.

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Final Verdict:

WunderStation is a really awesome iPad weather app to get updates from local weather stations. This app makes sure that you get weather updates from your nearest location, instead of getting a standard weather report for a particular city or location. The app is amazing, do give it a try.

Get WunderStation here.

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