5 Online Solar System Simulator Games

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In this article, I will cover 5 online solar system simulator games.

If you feel excited about outer space, want to know our solar system better, curious about how gravitational forces work in space then this article is for you. I covered the 5 free online solar simulator games here. These simulators help you visualize the solar system in three dimensions.

These solar system simulator games let you implement different space scenario. First let you create a solar system, whereas, second is more about the positions and paths of celestial bodies. Third and forth let you implement the orbital gravity and the fifth one is a solar system time capsule. So, let’s discuss these simulators in details.

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Here Are 5 Online Solar System Simulator Games:

Build Solar System

online solar system simulator games
Build Solar System is a free simulator game where you can build a personalized solar system. Initially, in the game, you get a sun sitting right in the center of your screen. Above the space simulation area, you get 9 objects. 8 of them are planets of different sizes and appearances and the remaining one is a sun. You can place a total of 6 objects in the solar system along with the already present sun in the center.

As soon as you drag and drop a planet on the simulator, it starts rotating anti-clockwise around the sun leaving a colorful dotted trail behind. The planets placed near the sun rotate faster than those which are placed farther away. This way, you can place total 6 planets around the sun to create your own personalized solar system.

Try this solar system simulator game here.

3D Solar System

online solar system simulator games

3D Solar System is another free solar system simulator where you can find the position of planets, comets, and asteroids on a specific date and time. It gives you an interactive 3D view of our solar system with the sun in the center and planets revolving around it.

This simulator gives you a list of comets and asteroids that have been noticed in history or expected in the future. You can select any of those celestial objects to animate its path in the solar system. You can play the animation at various speed to see the orbit of that object.

This simulator also gives you an option to move back and forth in time. You can set the time and date to simulate the solar system. You can click and drag an object to get a good 3D view of that object. There is a screenshot option that lets you take a screenshot in the simulation.

Give this solar system simulator game a try here.


free gravity simulator

Gravity is a very interesting solar system gravity simulator. It lets you simulate stars, planets, and asteroids to understand how gravitational Forces works. Here, you can add sun-like stars in the simulation; you have their option to make its position fixed. After adding the star, you can place planets and asteroids around it in any desired trajectory. The orbital behavior of all the objects you add is get affected by the gravity of other objects around it.

You can use this simulator to try out various concepts and theories about gravity and orbital motion. Like, in the attached screenshot I tried to visualize a two-star solar system.

Check out this solar system simulator game here.

Super Planet Crash

solar system simulator

Super Planet Crash is a fun solar system simulator game. Here, you get a solar system with a sun in the center. On the left side, you 6 types of objects that you can place around the sun. You can add Earth, Super Earth, Ice Giant Giant Planet, Brown Dwarf and Dwarf star. When you place these objects around the sun, they start revolving in an orbit. The name and mass of each object are shown on the right side of the screen. You can place a maximum of 10 objects at a time. You can adjust their orbit and trajectory to cause crashes. Once an object crashes, you can add another object to replace it. You also have options to adjust the speed of the simulation. You can run it back and forth at various speed.

Here is a link to try this solar system simulator game.

Solar System Scope

online solar system simulator games

As the name suggests, Solar System Scope let you move around it the solar system. This simulation has sun in its center with all 8 planets revolving around it. It also has other celestial objects like comets, asteroids etc. along with asteroid belt. With the start button, you can start the simulation of the solar system from the current time. From there, you can move both forward and reverse in time.

This is an actual simulation of our solar system that also covers events like comets and asteroids passing by. If you run this simulation back to 1985-1986, you can actually see Halley’s comet passing by Earth.

You can try this solar system simulator game here.

Closing Words:

There are the 5 online solar system simulator games that you can play online for free. These games are really entertaining and help you understand how the gravitational forces work in the solar system. You can also visit back and forth in time to see the other celestial bodies passing by.

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