5 Best Online Carbohydrate Calculator Websites

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This article talks about the best online carbohydrate calculator websites. Here, we will discuss about different types of carbohydrate calculators out there. Some of these are food carb calculator websites, while some calculate and show how much calories you should take daily. One of these also calculate the amount of daily protein and fat intake along with carbs, and one of these tools are carb calculator for dieting. For calculation, these tools take various information from you. You will be asked to enter your gender, age, height, weight, daily activity, etc.

Using these tools, you can easily calculate and find out how much carbs you should take, and what food you should take. Let us checkout these tools in brief and see how they can be helpful for you.

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Here Are The Best Carbohydrate Calculators:

Let us begin the article with introduction to the simplest tools.

Carbohydrate Intake Calculator

Carbohydrate Intake Calculator is a simple calculator which tells you how much Carbs you should take per day. For this, you will need to enter certain information about you. Along with basic info, like age, gender, height, and weight, you will need to provide certain additional information. You need to select if you goal is to lose fat, maintain health, or gain muscle. There are certain activity level options from where you will have to select an appropriate one. Based on your selections, this Carb calculator shows what should be your Carb intake daily in grams.

Access this tool here.

Carbohydrate Calculator

This Carbohydrate Calculator is again almost same as the above mentioned tool. It lets you calculate essential daily carb intake in grams. You will have to provide your weight in pound, height in inches, age, gender, and activity level. According to your input, it tells you the ideal amount of carbs you should be consuming.

Check it out here.

Calculator.net: Carbohydrate Calculator

The Carbohydrate Calculator from Calculator.net is a bit extensive and useful than both of the tools mentioned above. It asks your age, gender, height, weight, and activity to carry out calculation. The output provided to you is a table actually. In this table, you will get daily carbohydrate consumption amount in grams along with daily calorie intake for different goals. The goals are to maintain weight, loose weight, and gain weight. Total carb intake should be  40-75% of calorie intake, so carb intake in grams is displayed for different percentages of carbs percentage.

Checkout this calculator here.

Macronutrient Calorie Calculator

Macronutrient Calorie Calculator is a tool to calculate the amount of carbs, protein, and fat you should take per meal and per day. For this, you will need to enter your daily preferred Calorie intake, Diet Ratio, Carb percentage, Protein percentage, Fat percentage, and number of meals per day. Based on the input provided, this calculator gives you a breakup of carbs, protein, fat to consume in grams per meal, and per day.

This is a perfect carb calculator for dieting as it lets you select different diets in the Diet Ratio section, and provides output accordingly.

Checkout this tool here.

Food Calculator

Food Calculator is a food carb calculator that will help you calculate the amount of carbs in different food products. Along with Carbohydrates, you also get the amount of calories and fat. This tool is simpler to use than you think. Simply type the name of the food for which you want to find out carb count. A list of related food items will show up. Select a food item for which you want info. A new webpage opens which asks you to enter the servings of that item, then displays the carbohydrates, calories, and fat count for the same.

Access Food Calculator here.

Closing Words

These were some of the best calorie calculator websites out there which will help you take you diet according to your requirements.

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