20 Free Royalty Free Blurred Background Photos Downloader Websites

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Whether you’re a professional photographer or a website designer, you require to use high-quality stock images. In this blog, we will read about royalty free blur background images. Using the blurred background makes the picture or site look smooth and stylish. It enhances website design also.

At the same time, it’s a bit hard to manage the budget to pay for these stock images each time. Here, I have covered those websites which can help you find royalty free blurred background images without a subscription. However, they may ask for attribution.

What are Royalty free images?

Royalty-free (RF) is a licensing method to use the copyrighted images without having to pay royalties or license fee each time you use a image.

Here, “free” royalty free blurred background photos means you can use the images for personal as well as commercial usage and you don’t have to pay any type of fees or attribution to the author. Many of these websites support Creative common license where you are free to modify and share images. Still, every website has its own condition for their royalty-free collection and you might have to give attribution to the author in some of the cases.

Let’s go through these websites one by one understanding their terms and conditions.


Pexels interface
Pexels is one of the best websites which looks captivating. This has amazing collections of tons of blurred images by different photographers. It is very simple to use. Pictures by Pexels can be used for commercial and non-commercial use. The best thing about this website, you don’t need to give credit to the image creator or photographer which we call attribution. You can customize the image size. The image will be downloaded in JPG format. Thereafter, you may edit them as per your requirement and get beautiful images in your device without any subscription. To appreciate the work of a photographer you may say thanks via social media. Apart from downloads, few things you should keep in mind is that if the website is not required for attribution make sure you are not making the creator feel offensive. Do not re-sell their image as stock without adding value. You may also contribute your photos and showcase your work.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash interface
Unsplash has a good stock of high-resolution blurred photographs. The site is itself beautiful to scroll. You may like the image by signing up or can simply download in your device in JPG format. All the images can be used for personal or commercial purposes. There is no attribution required. Once you download an image, it may ask you to appreciate the photographer via contacts mentioned on the website. However, it is not mandatory to do but doing so can motivate an artist. You may also share images. There is an info option next to the share option which lets you know details about an image. Like, when it got published and other information such as which camera model was being used while taking this picture, likes, downloads, views, shutter speed, etc. The only issue I found with Unsplash is that they don’t allow us to customize the size of an image.

3. DeviantArt

DeviantArt interface

DeviantArt is the world’s largest online art gallery. It is not just popular for the photography but also for videography and other art forms. It has 20 categories and every category has its sub-category to make your searches relevant for the image you are looking for. Images are free to use for personal and commercial purposes. Attribution is not required but will be appreciated. The size of images may vary. The download option will not let you download an image in your device directly. So you have to ‘save it as’ on your desktop or the preferred location in your device with JPG format. However, you may not like its visual appeal but its large number of artistic images will impress you anyway. You may find blurred background images with more than 30,000 results.

4. Unbokeh

Unbokeh interface
Unbokeh is specifically for blurred backgrounds. It offers a good collection of hazy blurred pictures. This website is the source of Unsplash which means the usage of pictures would be considered under the license of Unsplash. The site does not ask for permission, and attribution is not required. You may download blurred images in JPG format. This website is basically for designs and inspiration. You can use its images to make your projects look effective and remarkable. It is very simple to download. Pictures can be downloaded with just one click. They add beautiful pictures every week. The site is quite simple; it does not allow you to read any details about the images, but they have a good collection of images.

5. PhotoEverywhere

PhotoEverywhere interface

This website has a collection of travel photos. It is a simple website which offers royalty free blurred background images. With no watermark, it lets you download images of high resolution. You can download images quickly simply by clicking on download. It does not ask for any fee. It has a collection of almost 160 images approx. PhotoEverywhere asks for attribution. To use the image without attribution you have to buy a license. The website offers images for free under a creative commons license where you have to give credit to the photographer. Thereafter, you can download image or save the image at the desired location in your device.

6. Pixabay

Pixabay interface

Pixabay is one of the most famous websites. It has a very stunning collection of images. You may browse it by category or with the help of the search bar. There’s a huge collection of photographs, videos, and vector graphics. It is free for commercial use under CCO license. It does not require any attribution. You can sign up to leave a comment, add images as favorites and also share this across social media. It lets you download variant sizes of the same image. Although it is not necessary to contribute your work. If you wish to contribute pictures, the site will be ad-free for you. Rest the site looks amazing and offers many results for blurred backgrounds.

7. Stocksnap.io

stocksnap.io interface

Stocksnap.io has a huge collection of royalty free images with high quality. It has beautiful pictures of high-resolution from various photographers. The site will show you popular searches to make it convenient for you. It has hundreds of categories. Hence, you will have many pictures which might be appropriate for you and will be satisfied with the resolution. The pictures can be used for personal and commercial use under CCO. Images are clean with high resolution. It shows image info such as downloads, favorites, views, etc. The image will be downloaded in JPG format.

8. Burst

Burst interface

Burst is powered by Shopify which sells free stock images. The website has an amazing collection of pictures. It lets you download free high-resolution images. It is good to use for websites and blogs. There is no attribution required but you may appreciate photographers by praising their work. There is one more thing to like, you will have two options for downloading the image. You may download it with high or low resolution as per your preference. You can crop, resize or add filters to your images, and you can also add your logo to it. Images can be used for commercial purpose as well. In case they don’t have any image which meets your expectations then you may tell them via email. They constantly shoot and upload new images. You can also contribute your own images to promote your photography.


IM FREE interface

This website has a good overview of images. The collection appears in different categories. It has free website templates, images and much more. The websites name in itself is an answer, that it has free images. The website has a beautiful visual appearance. They have showcased best collections. You may search it by category or simply find an image with the help of search bar. The site is free to use for commercial purpose but the attribution to the image creator is required. You may also report any image if you don’t find it appropriate for the community or find any vulgarity. However, without signing up you cannot do that. Thus, you must log in to report. Once you come to the download option it will take you to another page called Flickr website from where you can download the image for free. Multiple sizes are available over there to download. After signing up it shows you suggestion to create your own design website for free. However, the biggest disadvantage of signing up is that you will not be able to search for images anymore.

10. Kaboompics

kaboompics interface

Kaboompics has a beautiful layout of the pictures with the caption which tells the story about an image. It has free stock photography and beautiful color palettes. There are many pictures for commercial use. You can use images without any payment. You can download the image in three different sizes: small, medium or can customize it as per your liking. The details of all the photographs are mentioned at the bottom of the page. Things which I didn’t like about this website, firstly, it does not have enough collection of blurred backgrounds. Secondly, details of the photo should be right beneath the image instead of this, you have to scroll the page till the end only then you will find the details.

11. Free Stock Photos.biz

Free Stock Photos.biz interface

This website has almost 15,000 royalty free images to download. It will let you know what all images are most downloaded and viewed, popular or newest. It helps you reach the most popular collection of images. Their collection contains images which are free to download and to use for commercial purposes. No need to pay for images neither registration is required. You may find images licensed under public domain which means you are abiding by their terms and conditions. There are only 2 sizes available, small and large, which can be downloaded in JPG format. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the size of an image apart from the available sizes.

12. Freephotos.cc

freephotos.cc interface

Freephotos.cc has a bunch of free stock photos. It displays images in a different way. Once you open the site page, it shows you a new featured photo every day. On the other side of the featured image, it depicts pictures which belong to different categories. The images are in high resolution. All pictures are licensed under CCO. However, the picture does not let you read the details about it. You can simply download the picture. In case you don’t find the collection sufficient you can click on more photos. It will take you to another page called iStock.

13. Public domain Pictures

Public domain Pictures interface

This is another website to get royalty free images. It has good enough collection of beautiful pictures. It is the source of Pixabay and for this, you can use these pictures for personal and commercial purposes. The pictures are licensed under CCO public domain. There is one thing which I observed, that the details for any picture are not available. You can save an image on your desktop by right clicking your mouse and choosing the save as option. There is nothing more to the website.

14. EveryStockPhoto

EveryStockPhoto interface

EveryStockPhoto is a simple website with many pictures available. You will get more than 500 results when you search for blurred background images. You are free to share the picture or can edit as per your choice. The attribution is required. You need to login to save an image. Flickr sources its photos from this website. Most of the pictures are free under a specific license. The appearance of this site is not that attractive. It does not have many good features to download or to read image description. To make it simple, you can go through EveryStockPhoto and then you can open an image on Flickr to read its details and also get the appropriate size.

15. LibreStock

LibreStock interface

LibreStock has a bunch of free stock photos. They pick top results from reputed websites. It makes it easier itself to search ideal photos. Once you click on the photo it will take you to another tab of the considered site. Mostly results are from PEXELS site as it is one of the most famous websites among all. The image license will be according to the website. It depends what website you are using to download your image. If the page takes you to the PEXELS site then you will have to follow their conditions. Librestock does not have its own collection. They provide pictures from various websites to make it convenient for us. Consequently, we get pictures in one place.

16. Stockvault

stockvault interface

Another stock images website which helps you to reach a tremendous collection of royalty free images. You can browse images by different categories or through the search bar. This site does not require attribution. Images can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Which means you can use images for education purpose and other personal use or can use it for your business websites. It does not allow you to customize size so you have to download an image of whatever the image size they have.

17. Splitshire

Splitshire interface

Splitshire is another good website to download free stock images. The pictures are of high resolution. Images can be used for personal or commercial purpose. Though, it does not have many results for blurred backgrounds. When I searched for them I hardly found 10 images. You will not get the option to download images directly. For this, you will have to click right and then save image as at desired location in your device. You will get only one size to download. Despite having these issues you will have good enough experience of blurred background images.

18. Picjumbo

Picjumbo interface

Picjumbo is one of the competitive websites among all. You can browse image by category. They have beautiful blurred background images to use for commercial purpose. The site asks you to respect trademarks and brand logo. It depends on you how you use the photograph. The site is offering this as free. There is no registration required, no need to subscribe it to get pictures. The free version allows getting image packages for free under conditions by Picjumbo. If you are eager to get more image collection then you may go for the premium option.

19. Photogen

Photogen interface

Photogen is a simple website which lets you find out blur backgrounds royalty free images. They have a massive collection of images. You can use it for your personal and commercial purposes. It lets you download image very easily in PNG format. It quickly downloads the image in your device. However, they don’t have much information about the image such as its resolution, image size, etc. Using Photogen, a user bounds himself of its terms and conditions. You may use the image for commercial use but you cannot redistribute it. You are not allowed to resell, rent or sublicense any image.

20. Reshot

Reshot interface

Reshot has handpicked stock images which offer royalty free pictures. The websites color coordination is good and all the pictures are of high resolution. It is very simple to download images. All the photos by Reshot are for commercial and non- commercial use. You are free to copy, download, modify, distribute. Even the attribution is not required which is a good point on this site. The images get downloaded in JPG format on your device. You would love using it.

You may also check some royalty free GIF downloader websites covered by us.

In brief

This post will surely help you to find websites easily from where you may get royalty free images for your personal and commercial use. Nowadays, our young generation is much more into photography. People are leading up their passion into a profession by following good skills in taking pictures and editing or setting their business websites. To get these images you don’t even need to sign up.

Go crazy with these websites and use it for your commercial or non-commercial purpose.

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