5 Free Online EPUB To MOBI Converters

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Here are 5 free online EPUB to MOBI converters. These websites let you upload EPUB file from PC and give you output in PDF format. While some of these EPUB to MOBI converters can convert one ePub file at a time, some of these sites come with batch ePub to MOBI conversion feature.

Apart from converting ePub to MOBI online, there are some interesting features also present on these websites. For example, you can upload an ePub file from Dropbox and Google Drive, convert 2 files in one go, save all output PDF files in one click, and more.

So, let’s start with the first free online ePub to MOBI converter available in this list.

eBook to PDF

eBook to PDF interface

eBook to PDF is one of my favorite EPUB to MOBI converter website. There are two features that I like the most. First is you can add maximum 20 ePub files for conversion. The size limit for input files is 50 MB, which is sufficient I guess. The second interesting feature is you don’t have to upload and begin the conversion process manually. As soon as you add ePub files from PC, it automatically starts uploading and then converting ePUB files to PDF files one by one. So, you just have to add files, then sit back and relax.

When the conversion is completed for all files, you have the choice to save all those files at once in a zip archive or download files one by one. Everything is really good on this website and that’s why it is definitely a very useful EPUB to MOBI converter.

All the submitted, as well as converted files, are also removed from this website after 1 hour.


Convertio EPUB to MOBI website

Convertio has some really interesting features which make it better than many other EPUB to MOBI converter websites. One of its features that catch my attention is the parallel conversion of two files. Yes! You can upload multiple files at a time (with maximum 100 MB size) and this website will convert first two input files together. After that, you can again begin conversion to convert next 2 files and so one. Once the output is ready, you can save all files one by one or together in a zip archive on your PC. If you want, then the output can also be saved to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Another important feature that makes it a very good EPUB to PDF converter is its support for input options. You can add EPUB files from your Google Drive account, Dropbox, and PC. Online EPUB file conversion feature is also present here. All these features make it pretty useful online EPUB to MOBI converter.

You may also read its full review.


EPUBConverter website

EPUBConverter.com is another handy website to convert ePub to PDF. It also comes with a simple interface and the good thing is you can add multiple EPUB files one after another. After that, you can click on Start Upload button available for each individual EPUB file and it will convert them for you automatically. The file size limit is not mentioned on the website so you can try uploading some large ePub files to check if it can convert them. For every single output PDF, a separate download link is provided using which you can save the output to your PC.

All the output PDF files are also removed from servers after 2 hours. So, you get enough time to download the output files. If all these features meet your requirements, then this is surely a good choice for EPUB to PDF conversion online.

Online Converter

Online Converter interface

I like Online Converter (Homepage) website because of its very simple interface. It serves the main purpose only and there are no extra options. You can upload EPUB file from your computer or add an online ePub file URL. The limit for maximum file size is 200 MB which is better than many other websites present here. Once the ePub file is added, you can start the conversion and then get the MOBI file.

You can download output MOBI file until 1 day or 10 times. Whichever condition meets first, your file is deleted from its server. If you need a very simple website for ePub to MOBI conversion, then this website deserves a try.


Online-convert.com interface

Online-convert.com is also a useful EPUB to PDF converter website. The website has some unique features which make it a bit special than other online ePub to PDF converters. The first feature that I like is you can set the base font size for output PDF file. Apart from that, it also lets you add the border for output, change author and title name.

There are other important features also available. You can convert an online ePub file, ePub file from PC, Google Drive or Dropbox account. The output can also be saved to PC or any of these cloud storage services.

The maximum size limit for input EPUB files is 100 MB and you can download the output for 10 times or a day. After that, it removes all those files from its servers.

If you are looking for software that can convert ePub to MOBI file, then you may have a look at this list.

The Conclusion:

These are my best picked online EPUB to MOBI converters. All are good as they do the task of converting ePub file to PDF document very well. Still, I personally prefer eBook to PDF (the very first website) because it lets you add 20 files at a time and converts all those files automatically. Try these websites and check which one is more suitable for you.

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