7 Free Online Address Book Websites

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Here I am covering 7 free online address book websites. These sites are useful to manage your contacts. Some of these sites provide a link which you can share with people to get their addresses. Most of these sites let you import contacts. CSV or vCard format files are supported to import the contacts.

The feature to manually add a contact is also available in all of these websites. You can add a name, email address, fax number, work phone, mobile number and other details while adding a contact.

Let’s read about these websites one by one:

1. Google Contacts

Google Contacts

We don’t need any introduction to Google Contacts as we all know about it. This is a good way to add contact information of people securely. You just need to sign in with your email id. Thereafter, all the contacts will be visible to you.

To add a new contact information, you can either create contact information or can import contacts. In order to import contacts, you can click on more option given on left, then go to import. It supports only CSV or vCard file. You can also export the contacts which will be saved in an Excel file format.

Google Contacts also lets you view duplicate contacts which you can merge. You can also view contacts with who you connect frequently.

You can take out prints of the contacts. For printing, it will ask you if you want to to take prints of only frequently contacted people or all contacts. You can select as per your choice.

2. Outlook People

Outlook People

Outlook People is just as famous as Google contacts. It is a good contact manager that works as an online address book. To start with this, you can sign in with your Outlook account, then click on contacts. You can add new contact or import contact file with CSV format.

You can see in the above image, there is a list of contact numbers which I imported from my system in CSV file format. You can also restore your deleted contacts. To export contacts, you can click on Export contacts and get the contacts of people in your device in CSV file format.

Using Outlook People is so simple and you can get addresses of people easily as well.

3. Mailbook

Mailbook address book

Mailbook is another good option for online address book. As you can see in the image above, all the addresses in the list were provided by my contacts. Let’s understand how to use Mailbook to get addresses of people.

Firstly, you just need to sign up and create your address book. Then the site will ask you to select category (wedding, birthday invitation) of event. Thereafter, Mailbook will generate your personal link to share with people. The people who will get the link can save their contact information. And then, your address book will automatically receive all the addresses sent by your contacts. After that, you can export the address book by clicking on export on the top right corner. The exported file will be downloaded in xlsx, CSV format.

You can also download the contact file in word document so that you can get the print out of all the addresses. If you want to read about this service in detail, then, we have covered an article on Mailbook, you can read it here.

4. Postable

Postable address book

Postable is a free online address book website. Firstly, you need to sign up for a Postable account. Then, you can add and save your contact information. After creating your Address book, you will get a link. This generated link can be shared with people in order to ask them for their addresses. Each contact will receive the link to fill in their details. After each entry, your Address book gets refreshed with new contacts.

There are other ways to add address of people, like:

  • Import contacts by uploading spreadsheet. It supports Excel and CSV file.
  • Add contact information of people one by one.

In case, you do not have anyone’s address in your contacts, then you can send them the link to your address book to fill in their details.

You can also export the contact file by clicking on Export. All the contacts in your Address book will be exported in Excel file.

The site also lets you browse cards for many occasions like birthday, wedding, holiday, business and other invitations. You can upload your own custom card as well. You can do mass mailing where you need to write one message and send it to as many people as you want. Using Postable online address book, you can take advantage of these services.

5. Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail address book

Yandex Mail is just like Outlook and Gmail. You can use it to send emails. It provides free cloud storage and other features including contacts.

To add contacts in your Yandex online address book, you can click on contacts. Then, you can either import CSV and vCard files from your device or you can add contacts manually. To manage contacts, you can create a group where you add people in different categories. While exporting the contacts file, you can also change the language from English to Russian.

Apart from using Yandex Mail as an online address book, you can use it to send emails, uploading data, etc.

You can also read this article to generate contact sheets.

6. Up to the Sky

Up to the Sky address book

Up to the Sky is a simple online address book. You can create your own personal address book, contact diary, notes, countdown, etc.

Once you sign up for Up to the Sky account, you can add and save the contact information of people. If you are already having a contact file in your device then you can import the file into the account. To import the contacts, you can go to options -> import contacts. The file that you upload must be a CSV file. You can also edit the group name before importing the contacts.

However, when you import the file, you might find some bugs while uploading. The alternative to that is adding contacts manually. Adding contacts manually might take time, but the website does not give you any other alternative form to upload contacts.

7. Rolosync

Rolosync address book

Rolosync is a good online address book. Using this site, you can import contacts or can invite people to share their address. Firstly you have to create a new card where you have to add your contact details. Once your address book is successfully updated then you will be able to send invitations to people.

To send an invitation to people, you can click on view/edit details. From there, click on Invite and collaborate. A drop-down will show you two options for sending invitation either via Email or Facebook. If you select email, then you have to add name and email id to send them a link. The people, whom you send the link, will get a notification to fill contact information and all the information will be saved in your Rolosync online address book automatically.

You can also import contacts from Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc. To export the contacts, you can download the content in CSV file format.

In brief

These online address book websites are simply awesome to store tons of contacts. I like the feature to import and export the contacts. Personally, I use Google Contacts to store my contacts and sync them on all the devices so I never lose any contact. But you can try out any of these website and choose the one that works best for you.

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