Free Word Search Puzzle Game For Android: Worlds Biggest Word Search

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World’s Biggest Word Search is a free word search puzzle game for Android. The aim of this game is to find multiple hidden words in least amount of time. This free word search game for Android is quite interesting, as it is based on popular MAMMOTH puzzle in which you have to search in total of 5000 given words from the scattered grid of 60,000 letters.

A set of words are hidden and divided into 361 sectioned themes. For each word you achieve points in terms of coins. It offers you 57 quests that you need to complete and at the same time offers you 45 prestigious trophies that you need to collect while searching words in the puzzle. Not only that, to complete and master the game, you should unlock 10 achievements, as well. This word search puzzle game for Android is far better than the ones I have played till now.

World’s Biggest Word Search for Android

The best part of this game is that it offers you time challenges for all the themed section, so that you gain SuperStar Status for each section. You get additional points for this. To proceed to new section, you need to find out bonus names hidden in the scattered letter grid. Another thing that I like about this word search game is that, it offers you a secret message of 60 words, and to uncover those words you need to shed 500 coins for each word, from your game wallet.

You can always track your trophies, achievements, quests, secret message, and progress stats, with the help of Progress Icon.

The thrill and excitement to search words one after the other, in minimum time is maintained throughout the game. Make sure you have high concentration power to find the set of words in least duration.

Challenges of this Free Word Search Puzzle Game For Android:

  • Find all 5,000 words from the grid of over 60,000 letters.
  • Complete each of the 361 themed sections.
  • Compete time challenge to gain SuperStar Status and earn bonus points.
  • Find 750 Bonus Names, to proceed to next sectioned theme.
  • Collect 45 prestigious trophies, as each trophy cost 500 coins.
  • Complete all 57 quests by spending minimum 1000 coins each, and unlock 10 achievements for free.
  • Unravel and discover 60 words of the Secret Message by shedding 500 earned coins.

Gameplay Of This Free Word Search Puzzle Game For Android:

World’s Biggest Word Search is very interesting word search puzzle game that can be grabbed from the link provided to you at the end of this review. You need to tap on Play button to begin this word search game, which is full of challenges.

World’s Biggest Word Search-Play

The letter grid and set of words that you need to find will appear on the screen. The timer also starts instantly. The words are arranged in all possible manners to raise the difficulty while finding the words. Generally as you proceed from one level to another, the difficulty level increases gradually. But in this game the complication in finding words is maintained from the first themed section itself.

As you keep finding words in the grid of letters, the given words at the bottom turn their color from Maroon to Green. As soon as you find the words and mark them on the grid, you earn some coins. You can always track your current stats and check your achievements, trophies, and quests by accessing the Progress Icon located at the top.

You can always find the word or reveal it in the grid of letters, but for this you need to purchase it with coins.

World’s Biggest Word Search-coins and progress

As soon as you finish finding one set of words, it displays your time in which you’ve completed the first themed section. It gives you a challenge to complete the game in the allotted time, and if you find words within that time, you gain SuperStar status for that section, along with some extra bonus coins as reward. This actually helps in building the excitement and enthusiasm for the game.

World’s Biggest Word Search- Time challenge

Then you can proceed to next new section of theme, in which you have to select any of the highlighted box, neglecting the star box.

World’s Biggest Word Search- new section

This way you can play multiple themed sections, one after the other. You can click on the Pause icon provided at the topmost right corner, to view daily rewards and settings.

As I mentioned above, about various quests, trophies, achievements, stats and secret message.

World’s Biggest Word Search- progress

Achievements is the only thing for which you don’t have to use coins. Otherwise for all quests, trophies, as well as for secret message, you need to use earned points.

World’s Biggest Word Search- achievements, quests, secret message

If you are running short of coins, you can definitely buy some coins, but let me tell you it is paid and you need to pay real money for that.

You can tap on Stats, to view your current status. You can also track and find out how many names you have found from the 750 names.

World’s Biggest Word Search- Stats

Undoubtedly, you’ll enjoy playing this word search puzzle game on your Android phones.

My Verdict About World’s Biggest Word Search:

World’s Biggest Word Search is very interesting and addictive kind of word search puzzle game for Android. The set of challenges, trophies and achievements maintains the excitement throughout the game. It is an ad-supported game, but the best part is no ads appear while you are solving the puzzle, and appear only when you done with the current section.

You can never get bored of this game as it offers new challenge on every step. You can definitely try this game, when you have nothing to do. This game is idle for enhancing vocabulary and concentration power as well.

Get World’s Biggest Word Search here, or simply scan the QR code below:

World’s Biggest Word Search-QR code

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