Free Android Launcher To Get Windows 7 Look n Feel On Android

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Windows 7 Desktop Simulation is a free Android launcher app to get Windows 7 look n feel for Android. It changes the whole layout of your Android device to Windows 7. All your files, folders and applications are shown to you in traditional Windows 7 style. You will see a Start menu just like you see in Windows 7 to access all your application and dedicated Windows icon to perform specific task of Android device like Settings, files. Windows 7 and its user-interface has become an integral part of our life since last few years and this launcher app lets you carry the same Windows 7 interface with you everywhere.

Windows 7 Desktop Simulator

Key Features of Windows 7 Launcher for Android:

  • Free to download and use.
  • Gives you Windows 7 theme on Android phone.
  • Perform all functions just like Windows 7.

Disadvantages of This Windows 7 for Android App:

  • Notification tray disappears as the user-interface captures the whole screen. You need to open another app to get access to notification tray.
  • You can’t access any of the media files directly from within files and folders. You need applications to access these media files.
  • There is nothing in the launcher to remind you about any missed call, messages, emails and other notifications. Since, it also removes the notifications tray, hence you will surely remain unaware about these missed items unless you open any other app which shows you the notification tray.

Using This Windows 7 Launcher for Android:

Windows 7 Desktop Simulation app can be installed for free by clicking on the link given at the end of the review. After installing the app, press the Home button lightly and you will see options to select which launcher to use. Select the option Windows 7 to apply the theme. Now, you can see that the user interface of your Android device has changed to traditional Windows 7 Theme.  You can see that there are two icons on top right corner: My Computer and My Documents. Tap on any of these icons if you want to access the files and folders stored either on your device or on external memory card. You will see that all your files and folders are shown to you in typical Windows 7 manner. In the right sidebar, you will see 4 icons. These are:

  1. First one is for dialing any number.
  2. Second one is for accessing Contact List.
  3. Third one lets you browse internet via the native Android browser of your device.
  4. Fourth one lets you compose message and send it.

See the screenshot to see these 4 icons.

Windows 7 Desktop Simulator Sidebar Options

Accessing Applications Using This Windows 7 for Android App:

If you want see or access applications installed on your device, then tap on the Google Chrome type icon situated at the bottom left corner. This icon performs the same function just like the Start menu in Windows 7. After tapping on the icon, you will see a popped-up menu just like when you click Start menu. Here, you will find 7 options: Restore Desktop, My Computer, My Documents, Control Panel, Internet, All Programs and Exit.

  • Restore Desktop: Go back to home screen.
  • My Computer and My Documents: Shows all files and folders stored on device’s memory.
  • Control Panel: Opens Settings option of your device.
  • Internet: Open pre-installed browser of your device.
  • All Programs: Shows all the applications on your device.
  • Exit: Exits the start menu.

Accessing Apps via Windows 7 Desktop Simulator

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Final Verdict:

Windows 7 Desktop Simulation theme is a nice app to get the feeling of Windows 7 user-interface on your Android device. It worked smoothly on my device. It has some drawbacks but they can be ignored by having some extra apps that provide that missing functionality.

Get this launcher from here.

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