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SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a free WiFi Security software for keeping your WiFi network secure. While running a WiFi network it is possible that some other unauthorized people might be using your Internet. This can happen because of  number of reasons like: vulnerable in encryption, WiFi password misuse or other some kind of brute force attacks. Further which can lead to many problems like: increased internet bill, loss of personal details, leak of private information or even breaking of online laws. SoftPerfect WiFi Guard helps to get rid of all this. It runs at specific intervals of time and helps you to find out whether someone else is using your network. It is a kind of network scanner which can find the connected devices to your network , probably considered as intruders.

More about SoftPerfect WiFi Guard:

For using SoftPerfect WiFi Guard the very first step is to select the network. This can be done by settings present on the main window. Here, the various networks will be displayed and you have to select among them:

Free WiFi security software

Here you can set the time interval for repeating the scanning process. After selecting the network adapter click on Ok and on the main screen click on Scan. The network adapter will be scanned and you will be displayed with the result:


Here, as you can see the IP address and the MAC address of systems using your network. It also displays the name and info about the intruder systems.

Features of this Free WiFi Security Software:

  • Scans the network at specific time intervals.
  • Can detect the fire walled systems that does not respond to ping, and can be suspected to be intruder.
  • Pings the computers and networks and upon getting a response shows those are alive.
  • Alerts as soon as an unknown device is found.
  • Very easy to download, install, and use.

Download and Installation:

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard can be easily downloaded and installed. The setup for SoftPerfect WiFi Guard can be downloaded from here. After downloading it start the installation process by clicking on the setup. Just go on following the instructions on the installation wizard. Once this WiFi security software is installed, you can use it for your WiFi security.

Final Verdict:

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a very useful application for people using WiFi networks. It let’s you easily find out if there is any intruder using your network. Elimination of intruders is very much essential. Download and try this free WiFi security software in order to find out and eliminate unauthorized users. You may also read our tutorial on How to secure home router?

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