Free AI Content Research and Planning Tool by MarketMuse

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MarketMuse is offering a free content planning and optimization tool. It basically has 5 tools which help you discover some useful insights which will help you create new content for your site or optimize an existing one. It uses AI to calculate the score of keywords and generates suggestions. Furthermore, it even offers you an AI content editor which analyses text as you type and generates an overall rating to improve your writing.

The free plan of this tool lets you run 35 queries per month. So, if you publish 1 post every day or alternate day, then it will be good. For content research, you can give it a title or question that you want answer for in your post. It will then generate the relevant keywords that you should use in order to rank higher.

Not only content optimization but it also generates internal and external links that you can consider adding in your content. And you can do all this for free daily. And if you want to optimize an existing piece of content, then you can just enter its URL and it will fetch all the text and generate an analysis result. Based on that result, you can make the corresponding changes.

AI Content Research and Planning Tool by MarketMuse

Free AI Content Research and Planning Tool by MarketMuse

Simply start by creating and a free account on the main MarketMuse website and start using it right away. All the tools that it offers can be found in the different sections.

  • Research: This is the first tool in MarketMuse that you may want to use. Here you basically give it a title or question that you want to write about. It will analyze the input and will generate a list of relevant topics with the corresponding keywords to use. Along with all that, it shows you the keyword frequency that you should use in your post.
  • Compete: The next section is meant for competitor analysis for the topic you want to write about. Here it will generate a graphical result for you to analyze. Just like the tool above, you give it a topic and it will show you the top results. Here this section will also give you an idea about how you can rank better than them.
  • Optimize: This is probably the highlighted feature of this tool. Here you get an intelligent editor that will generate suggestions as you write your post. Or, here you can fetch and existing post and it will run a thorough analysis and will show what keywords you must use and how many times.
  • Questions: This section is meant for finding and listing questions related to the topic you want to cover. This is useful as it will give you an idea about what questions you must answer in your post in order to rank better than your competitors.
  • Connect: This is the last section, and here you basically find the useful resources that you should link in your article. It shows you top internal as well as external links that you should add in your post to improve its credibility.

After you have created a free account, just go to the Research section and enter a title or question. Or, if you want to do research on an existing article, then just enter its URL along with it.

MarketMuse Research

Next, you go to the Compete section to do a competitor analysis. Here you will get some ideas to improve your content better than your competitors.


If you want to discover some questions related to your topic which you should answer in your post, go to the Questions section.

MarketMuse Questions

Use the intelligent editor that it offers to write your content. It checks your content in real-time and shows you the stats in the right sidebar. There you can see it picking the important keywords that you should use recommended number of times in your post. This is as simple as that.

MarketMuse Editor

In the similar way, you can use Connect section to find the useful internal and external links that you should use in your post. After you are done, you can just copy the optimized text from the editor and the paste on your website and publish it. Also, you have to keep the limit of the free version in mind. It shows you the remaining quota in your account and if you need more than that then you can always subscribe to one of the premium plans.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a free AI content optimization tool for your website, then the one by MarketMuse is one of the best options. The free plan is good enough for small agencies and individuals. Just write and optimize a new piece of content for your website or analyze an existing one. I liked the overall functionality, and you can try it on your own and let me know what you think about it.

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