Free Google Sheets Addon to Import data from Database, API, Website

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Logic Sheet is a free Google Sheets add-on to import data from database, API, and website. Here you can use this simple tool for basic as well as advanced data processing and data cleaning tools. It also offers some Math tools for financial data processing analysis. For advanced data analysis and statistics, you can Do ANOVA, correlation, covariance, descriptive statistics analysis, and more right in Google Sheets.

The API connector of Logic Sheets add-on is very powerful, and it not only lets you import data from API, but you can send data from GSheets to an endpoint as well. It supports MySQL database connections, so you can easily import data from an online database. But one of the coolest features of the tool is website scraper. You can use the site scraper to import data from tables or lists on webpages.

You can find all the functions right on the main UI, and then you can use them on any Google Sheet. However, the free plan of the plugin only allows you to use it for 5 times in a day. For more number of executions, you can subscribe to the paid plan and 1 task is equal to 1 execution no matter what you select.

Free Google Sheets Addon to Import data from Database, API, Website

Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and then install this plugin. Just give it the permissions that it asks for then you can find it in the Add-ons menu of all the Google Sheets.

Logic Sheet Addon Menu

Now, you just open any workbook and then start the plugin. On the main UI, you will find the different tools that it offers under different sections.

Logic Sheet UI

One of the simplest tools is API connector. For example, you can use it to make GET requests to import data from an endpoint. To do that, you only need to access this tool and then enter the required parameters. Specify method, API URL, and headers if there are any.

Logic Sheet API

In the similar way, you can import data from websites and online databases. Right now it only supports MySQL databases, but I hope in the later updates there will be support for more. Just enter the database connection parameters and then import any specific table right inside the Google Sheets. In the same way, you can import any HTML table in Google Sheets.

Logic Sheet Data from Database and website

Next there are some advanced mathematical and statistical functions that you can use. They are meant for data analysis mostly and if you are in such line of work then you mat find these helpful. It supports most common type of statistical functions such as correlation and covariance. There are other functions that you can choose, and it all depends on your needs.

Logic Sheet Math, Financial and Statistical Fucntions

In this way, you can use the rest of the tools and functions included in the plugin. Just install it and then simply use it whenever you want. The process is simple and very straightforward. You just need to know what tool are there and how to use them. The limit of the free plan is kind of upsetting but still a good tool for personal and occasional use.

Final thoughts:

If you are a regular Google Sheets user then you will like this simple and powerful plugin. Just install it and forget it. In the free plan there is no registration required, so you just directly use any functions that it has. For more number of executions, you need to get the premium plan.

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