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i2img (image to image converter) is a free image converter for Windows with amazing features and tools. Images have different file formats and different sizes. Formats such as bitmap (bmp), jpeg, gif, tiff, png are common for Windows and Linux user. So, if you want to convert a particular image file format to another format, you need to do it using the pre-installed software or propriety software. Few pre-installed software only supports few formats, which makes it very difficult, and propriety software costs you extra just for the conversions.

Just go to the website of i2img, and you will find a text box in which you need to specify the path of the image file. You can also convert image files from a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). If you want to specify the image file from the hard disk, then you can click on the Browse button and locate the file. Click on Convert button to convert the file. After this, you need to choose the image file format you want to convert. i2img supports many file formats such as bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, PGM, PPM, WMF, SGI, SVG and many more.

On the other hand, if you want to convert a particular image format from a URL, then you can also do that by clicking on the URL, which is under the browse button. Just like before, click on Convert button to convert the file.


After uploading the image file, you will notice that the file is converted in that particular format, and the new file needs to be downloaded to see the converted file.

There are also many other services with this image converter, which are provided by this website, and all are completely free. The user interface is easy and simple. What I like most about this service is that you don’t need to create an account or pay anything extra to get the job done. Google Chrome extension is also present, so that you don’t need to visit the website each single time to convert the file.

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