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WordIt 2 is a free word puzzle game that is similar to the very famous word game Scrabble. It is a one player game where you compete to get highest score by forming words, sometimes in a time limit. The game is really fun and gets tricky when you go up the levels.

To play this Word game, you have to strongly rely on your vocabulary. It makes it a really good game that tests your word skills and your ability to come up with a strategy. This game surely helps to sharpen your mind.

free word puzzle game

This free word puzzle game is playable in two modes: timed mode and normal mode. In the normal mode, you just have to make valid words with letter tiles that are provided. You’ll get into the next level when all the letter tiles have been used to make up valid words. In the timed mode, letter tiles spawn on your board and you have to destroy the board tiles to get into the next level before your board is full of letter tiles. Each level in timed mode is faster than the previous.

You can compete against the other players by scoring as high as possible and submitting your high score to the leaderboard. If you like crossword, then you can check out crossword games here.

So let’s have fun playing this game!

How to Play WordIt 2 Word Game

This free word puzzle game is really easy to play but hard to master. As I mentioned earlier, you can play the game in two different modes: timed and normal. Let me tell you about the normal mode first.


The normal mode places letter tiles on the board. Each letter tile has a score assigned to it on the top of it. You have to arrange letters on the board to make words. The score depends on the score of letters of the word and the length of the word. Score of a word is calculated by multiplying its length with score sum of letters. So if I make the word ‘To’ (T= 1 point and O= 1 point) then the total score will be 2*(1+1) = 4 points. The level finishes when you use all the letters to make valid words.

free word puzzle game

In the timed mode, you are supposed to break the board tiles by forming words on them with the reddish tiles. New letter tiles keep popping and before they fill the whole board, you have to break all the tiles. When you do, you advance to the next level which is faster than the previous.

How to Score Higher

To score higher in this game, you need to have a really rich vocabulary and a good strategy to make words. The normal mode is pretty easy. Just keep an eye out for long words that can be formed. Also try to branch out words from another as they add to the score.

free word puzzle game

When playing in the timed mode, you have to think fast and act fast. Here your priority should not be of making big words. Go for small one or two letter words to disperse the board tiles fast. If you manage to hit a big word, Kudos!

Submit and View High score

When you finish a level, you can submit the high score of that game mode’s current level. To view the high scores, go to ‘View Highcores’ on the main menu. You can compare your score here and plan accordingly to get a higher rank.

My Analysis

As a strategy games buff, I enjoyed this free word puzzle game. I loved playing the timed mode as it provided me a better challenge than the normal one. It is a really simple game which helps in your vocabulary skills as well as your ability to plan fast. The fact that you don’t need another human player to play this game adds more points to it. You guys should definitely check this one out. You can check out some similar games here.

Play WordIt 2 here.

Do you know a better free word game? Tell me in the comments!

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