Free Command Line Tool to Convert JSON to Excel

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Json2Xlsx is a free command line tool to convert JSON to Excel. This tool takes a single or multiple JSON files along with a table script file to generate the final Excel file. It uses a very simple command to generate a Excel File from a JSON file. It only requires Python to be installed on your PC for installation and working.

There are not many free software that can convert a JSON file to Excel. But if you desperately want one, then you can rely on Json2Xlsx. Since it runs from command line, you can make batch file and do your tasks in a click. And it is a cross-platform tool so you can use it in the same way on different platforms and convert JSON to Excel like a pro.

Best Free Command Line Tool to Convert JSON to Excel

How to use this Free Command Line Tool to Convert JSON to Excel?

Json2Xlsx is a free and an open source tool to convert JSON to Excel. You can find its source code publicly available on GitHub and contribute to it if you want to. This tool is written in Python and you can easily install it by just running a simple command.

Here are some steps to convert JSON to Excel using Json2Xlsx.

Step 1: Open command prompt with administrator rights. For that, search “CMD” in Start and then right click on its icon to choose “Run as administrator” option.

Step 2: Now, run the below command to install Json2Xlsx on your PC. If everything goes well, then you will be able to run “json2xlsx” command from any location on your PC.

easy_install json2xlsx

Install json2xlsx in windows

Step 3: Go to the location of your PC where you have saved the JSON file that you want to convert to Excel. But before starting the conversion, you will have to create table script file in the same folder. In the table script, you just have to define the name of the columns that you want to have in the final Excel file. For example, if you want three columns in the final Excel file say, Name, Age, Sex then you write the following in the TS file. You can save it with any name, for example “test.ts”.

test.ts file content: table { "name"; "age"; "sex"; }

Step 4: Now, make sure that the input file has the data according to the table script that you have created. Next, run this command to get the Excel out of the specified JSON file. It will leave the final file in the current working directory.

json2xlsx "Table Script File" -j "JSON File" -o output.xls

json2xlsx in action

In this way, you can easily convert any JSON file to Excel in a few seconds. All you have to do is just run a single command and get the final Excel file.

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Final thoughts

Json2Xlsx is a simple, yet powerful tool which you can use to easily convert a JSON to Excel. If you are good with command line stuff, then I am sure you will easily understand how to use this simple and tiny tool. All it takes is a single command and you can get your Excel file from a specified JSON.

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