Opaloflux Clock & Calendar: Integrated Clock and Calendar

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For computer users that want something other than the system clock on their computer, Opaloflux clock and calendar is a free clock software designed to give users a stylish alternative to Windows clock. This free clock and calendar software is a powerful application which, not only functions the same as the default Windows 7 clock, but also has some rather handy extra features.

Some of the features of Free clock and calendar software:

  • A notepad allowing for users to keep daily, weekly or monthly memos.
  • An appointment calendar enabling users to know the day and date with a simple click of the mouse.
  • An alarm clock which alerts users to pending events, appointments and such.
  • Users are able to customize the application to suit their needs. This includes choosing between 20 different clock “skins” as well as modes.

Opaloflux Clock and Calendar

After downloading and installing, the Opaloflux clock and calendar free application, users can easily switch between an analogue and digital display. The current date and time are continually displayed, however changing this is possible through the options menu. If the user is worried about losing memos written on the notepad when the application is shutdown, he or she needn’t be concerned as any and all notes written on the notepad will be saved. The background “skin” can also easily be changed and can be drag and dropped from other sources. Access to all features is simple and completely user-friendly.

Optoflux is much better than other clock software we reviewed earlier like PC Clock software, and PC Alarm clock software. Integration of calendar is icing on the cake.

Options include:

  • Changing the interface transparency
  • Changing the text color
  • As mentioned above, switching between the 24 different skins.
  • Hiding the Windows system clock
  • Periodic updates of the application.
  • Easy access to the help section.

The fully functional appointment calendar is one of this free application’s popular options. Users are able to add daily, weekly and monthly appointments or events. Customizing this appointment calendar and setting the alarm to alert the user of impending scheduled events, makes the Opaloflux clock and calendar the perfect office or home tool.

Indeed Optoflux can be accessed at anytime time, date or day. More and more computer users these days are on the look out for useful free applications which can aid them in their work. Having the Opaloflux clock and calendar tool on a work station, allows for the workers to operate more efficiently in the office and for home users to keep an up-to-date schedule.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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