Windows 10 Word Puzzle Game App to Find 7 Words From Group of 20 Letters

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7 Little Words is a Windows 10 word puzzle game app where you have to find 7 mystery words from a group of 20 letters. If you enjoy playing word games then you will definitely like this game app. There are clues given to find out your mystery words. Apart from clues there are hints to help you out.

The Windows 10 word puzzle game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app you will see an interface like the one seen in the screenshot below.

The home interface shows you different puzzle zones which are available with the app. Most of them are locked and available with the paid version. The first two zones are available for free and they have more than 50 puzzles which can be played for free. On the left side you can see the free daily puzzle as well. When you click on the first zone which is sunrise it will list all the game in the level, as shown in the screenshot below.

Start with any puzzle game, lets start with puzzle one. This puzzle will open up as shown in the screenshot below.

On the left side are the 7 clues to the words that you have to find. Along with clues you are also shown the number of letters in each word. On the right side are the group of 20 letters from which you have to find your words. When you click on a group of letters they will move to the blank field above. Once you are done finding a word click on the guess button. If you found the right word it will appear in front of the clue given.

The above screenshot shows a half solved puzzle. The hints button offers you 15 free hints after that you need to buy more hints. In hints option you can choose which word you need a hint for. You can choose to reveal the first letter of the word, first group of the word, or solve the entire word.

Once completed the screen will look like the above screenshot. Now you can click anywhere on the screen and you will be taken to the puzzles screen and from there you can choose another puzzle to solve.

Features of this Windows 10 word puzzle game app:

  • Find 7 mystery words.
  • Clues given for each word.
  • Find words from the group of 20 letters given.
  • Combine the letter groups to form a word.
  • Hints to help you out.
  • More then 50 puzzles to play.
  • Daily free puzzle.


7 Little Words is a nice word game app which does get challenging after a few levels or should I say after the free hints run out. The letters to find the answer are given in groups which makes it quite challenging to guess the word. You can play more than 50 puzzles free in this game including a daily free puzzle. The app also has paid puzzles available and hints can also be bought. The app is quite challenging and all word game lovers should definitely give it a try.

Check out 7 Little Words for Windows 10 here.

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