Windows 10 Matching Puzzle Game App: Puzzles & Pixies

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Puzzles & Pixies is a free Windows 10 matching puzzle game app. In this game app you have to match same colored butterflies to eliminate them from the board. The longer the matching chain, the bigger you score will be and you will also get a powerful pixie helper to get higher scores.

The Windows 10 matching puzzle game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app for the first time, you will be shown a small comic strip type clip, which shows that pixies are asking for your help to return color to their forest. The home screen of the game app is shown below.

puzzles and pixies home

Click on the play button to start the game with level one. Each level has some goal for you to fulfill. As you keep on completing levels you move on to the next one. The game gives you five lives and you loose a life when you are not able to complete a level in given number of moves. The below screenshot shows the layout of the levels of the game.

puzzles and pixies levels

The game board is shown in the below screenshot where you have to match same colored pixies to eliminate them from the board. The top left side shows you the number of moves you have available to finish the level. Top right side shows you your current score for this level.

puzzles and pixies game

When you match a long chain of butterflies, a helper pixie appears which is more powerful and can wipe of extra butterflies off the board. As you go through levels some powers are given to you to help you out. Once you loose all you lives you have to wait half an hour for refill of one life. You also have the option to buy lives if you want to.

Features of this Windows 10 matching puzzle game app:

  • Matching puzzle game.
  • Easy to understand and play.
  • Difficulty increases as you go up the levels.
  • Over 200 levels to play.
  • Nice background music and graphics.
  • Longer matches give you higher scores.


Puzzles & Pixies is a fun and addictive game. Once you start playing you won’t feel like stopping. The game is quiet easy to get a hang off and matching puzzle games always make for a good time pass. Each level you cross will add to difficulty of the game and you will also earn powers which you will be able to use later. Try it out.

Check out Puzzles & Pixies for Windows 10 here.

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