8 Online Heat Map Generator Websites Free

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This article covers 8 free online heat map generator websites.

A heat map is used to represent data graphically where individual values are represented as colors. Broadly, there are two types of heat map representation; one that shows the data on a geopolitical map and other that shows the data on a graph along axes. Heat maps are generally used to visualize complex data and make it easy to analyze.

Here are 8 free online heat map generator websites. With the help of these websites, you can easily plot heat maps from your data. The first four websites are to visualize the data on a map whereas, the last four websites are to plot the data on a graph. Most of these websites let you customize the various aspect of the heat map so you can make a heat map precisely as per your needs. So, let’s check out these websites one by one.

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Here Are 8 Free Online Heat Map Generator Websites:


free online heat map generator

Heatmapper.ca offers free interactive data visualization tools where you can visualize your data in form of heat maps. On this website, you can generate the following five types of heat maps:

  • Expression: Displays unclustered expression data as a heat map.
  • Pairwise Comparison: Displays heatmap of user data as a distance matrix or correlation matrix.
  • Image Overlay: Displays heatmap of densities based on values at plot coordinates corresponding to an image.
  • Geomap: Displays a choropleth heatmap specified by values assigned to locations based on political boundaries.
  • Geocoordinate: Displays a heatmap of densities based on values assigned to locations specified by latitude and longitude coordinates.

You can choose any of these heat maps as per your requirement and then upload your data file here. For these heat maps, you get different customization options as per the type of heat map. You can highly customize the plot, by selecting axes, area, layers, data columns, etc. You can also tweak the appearance of the heat map by changing colors, heatmap opacity, smoothness, shapes, etc. This website plots interactive heat maps where you can deep-analyze a specific segment of the map. In the end, you can download the plot as a JPEG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF file and the data table as s TXT or CSV file.

Generate heatmap with Heatmapper here.


free online heatmap generator

OpenHeatMap is another free online heat map generator website. This website offers quite a simple heat map maker tool where you can upload your data and visualize it on the map. To generate the heat map, all you have to do here is upload your data in form of a spreadsheet. You can either upload an Excel or CSV file or, fetch a spreadsheet from Google Sheets. You don’t get any advance customization options here except for the color and heatmap shape. So, make sure, the data in your spreadsheet is according to the visualization you want to create.

After generating the heat map, you can add a title, author, and set the key value for the map. You can also tweak the appearance by changing the colors and selecting the shape for the heat map. This tool gives you an option to fetch an image from the web and use that image as an overlay in the heat map. After finalizing the heat map, you can share it online with others and generate HTML code to embed it on web pages.

Give this online heatmap generator a try here.


generate heat map online free

eSpatial is an online geo-mapping application for businesses. With this online application, you can generate detail-rich heat maps online. The process of generating a heat map is little complex here. This application has three tabs; Control Panel, Legend, and Table.

In the Control Panel, you get an option to add your data by uploading a CSV or Excel file. As you upload the file, this application analyzes your data and lists all the datasets from it. After that, you can select which datasets you want to plot on the map. Then, from the Legend tab, you can select and arrange the columns of the datasets and color code them. This application also offers financial and other types of data which you can search and use in your heat map.

The Table tab shows the data of the current plot. You can add new values to the table and those values will be auto-reflected in the map as well. You can also apply filters and generate the heat map for a specific range of data. After making the final heat map here, you can share it online and export it as a PDF file (with watermark).

Try this online heatmap generator here.


generate heatmap online free

The next website to generate heatmap on this list is myHeatmap.com. This is a freemium website where you can generate unlimited maps with a limit of 20 points per map. The process of generating the heat map is fairly simple here. All you have to do is upload a CSV data file and type a name for the map. Once you do that, this website plots that data on the map. If your data contains more than 20 points, it only plots the first 20 points and informs you by showing a popup on the screen. In the heat map, you get an option to choose the Street, Terrain, or Satellite map view. And, if your data has more than one value columns, you also get an option to choose the value for the plot. This way, you can generate unlimited heat maps here and save them to your account. Although you can’t download them in any format, you can generate an HTML code and use that to embed the heat map on a web page.

Generate heatmap online with myHeatmap here.


free online heat map generator

Plot.ly is a popular online graphing tool where you can plot various types of graphs and charts online including heat map chart. To general a heat map here, add your data in the data grid; you can also import data from a CSV or Excel file. After adding the data, create a new trace and select Heatmap option. This opens a heat map trace left to the data grid. In the heat map trace, select your data columns for X, Y, and/or Z axis. Based on your selection and data, Plot.ly generates an interactive heat map. You can analyze the heat map here and tweak it’s appearance by changing data point color and labels.

In case you want to generate a complex heat map with more than 3 parameters, you can add a new heat map trace and add hence, new parameters to the existing heat map. Upon completion, you can export the chart as a PNG, JPG, SVG, or PDF file or generate a shareable link to share it online.

Generate heatmap online with Polt.ly here.


free online heatmap generator

Bioinf.gen.tcd.ie/hmg is a simple web tool to make heat map charts online. The process of making the heat map is straightforward involving three simple steps. The first step is to add your data and this tool gives you two options for that. You can either upload a single file that contains the activity data, or you can upload GFP data and add OD data on top for growth curve alignment.

After adding your data, you can set the pre-process by choosing various options as per your requirement. For example, you can set the time point on the y-axis (if any), set the number of time points to smooth the data, merge consecutive promoters as replicates using men or median, etc. Then, click “load data” button to move to the third step where this tool transposed your data into a table, removes the negative values, and set the maximum value. Here, you can customize these options as per your requirement. After that, click the “generate heat map” button to plot the heat map.

This tool generates a fully interactive heat map. You can analyze the data on the map, make changes and reprint it again. You can also customize the appearance of the map by choosing colors and text options, and add fitters to the map. In the end, you can generate a PDF of your heatmap and download it to your computer.

Give this online heatmap generator a try here.


generate heatmap online free

Visual-Paradigm.com is an online diagramming application where you can make various types of charts for System Design, Business Design, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Strategy Analysis, Network Design, and more. Along with that, this tool can also generate heat map charts. It packs 5 templates for that and also offers a blank heat map chart template which you can use to make your heat map here.

The process of making a heat map is straightforward. Simply select any heatmap template and open it in the editor. Then, double-click on the sample heat map to open a data sheet. When you do that, a popup window appears with a spreadsheet where you can paste your data or import from an Excel file. Make sure your data is in the proper order as per your chart requirements. After that, click the “Update” button to update the heatmap sample with your data. Once the heatmap is updated, you can customize its appearance and adjust the labels. In the end, you can export the chart to Google Drive or download it to your computer.

Try Visual-Paradigm’s online heatmap generator here.


generate heat map online free

Meta-Chart.com is an online data visualization and charting application. This app doesn’t have a dedicated heat map tool but you can use it’s Area Chart tool to generate less complex heat maps. To do that, first, select the orientation of the chart and choose background colors and legend position. Then, move to Data section and enter your data or import from a CSV/Excel file. After that, you can add the labels and choose a text format for them from the Labels section.

Once you fill all this information, this tool shows you a preview of your chart in the Display section. You can verify your data there and make changes to any previous steps if required. After making the final chart, you can download it as PNG, JPG, PDF, or SVG file and share it online via a shareable link.

You can try this online heatmap generator here.

Closing Words:

These are the 8 free online heat map generator websites. With these websites, you can easily generate any type of heat maps and download them to your computer. I personally prefer Heatmapper.ca because of heavy customization options and support for multiple types of heat maps. Go ahead, try them yourself and let us know which one you prefer and why.

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