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[Total: 0 Average: 0] became the most popular social bookmarking site back in 2003, which has gone through major change of ownership. Now again with the new owner AVOS System which acquired in 2011; the website has gone through a iteration of changes again after the change of ownership.

This post will deal with the latest change that where introduced in the website recently. The service is not what once it was, ever since getting away from Yahoo the site has been working its way to introduce new features to win back the users that it lost.

The new and refreshed 2013

Features of the new

  • The former king of social bookmarking is trying to comeback with a new, refreshed, and redesigned version which includes changes to the site’s working as well as interface. In simple terms, everything has been streamlined and simplified. The site claims that the new ground up redesign works about 10 times faster than the earlier version of the site. Also it introduces enhanced profile pages, which enable you to add more information about yourself.
  • The interface is amazingly simple and easy to use; plus everything looks prettier. features the ability to show you trending topics and tags in a new tab called Discover as shown in the screenshot below.
    Discover tab
  • Also you have a network tab which is enables you to add people and also it suggests people to follow. Now the search bar features new functionality where you can search user with ‘@’ and tags with ‘#’. Also the site has recently released an iOS app and the plans for an Android application are on its way. search bar
  • One thing that I really love about delicious is the ability import every link you ever shared on Facebook and Twitter. This feature also has the ability to maintain the privacy settings of shared link on your wall by importing them into your delicious account. To navigate to these options just via Settings -> Sources; and you will be presented with the as shown in the screenshot below.
    import from facebook to
  • The site has a new interface that has been optimized for mobile phones too. The mobile version looks pretty much the same as the desktop but it is rearranged and scaled down according to mobile screen which makes the experience on the mobile device pretty much at the same level when compared to the full desktop site.
    The new and refreshed for mobile
  • While using I encountered myself many times the error page as posted in below in the screenshot; because is in currently in beta state I have no qualms about it. error page

In total it’s a nice to see that is trying to make come back, but with the in today’s world of Reddit, Twitter, Facebook etc; it is hard to imagine a dedicated bookmarking web service to make it big like it was before the social networks era.

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