11 Free Online JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

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Here’s a list of 11 free online JavaScript tutorial for beginners. If you are new to JavaScript and want to know about it or learn it, then you will find all these websites really helpful. The good thing about these websites is that each of them is completely free to use and makes it really easy and fun to understand the concepts of JavaScript. These websites include various resources like tutorials, videos, tests, and other related educational stuff.

There are also a few options which make each one of them different from the others. So, let’s get started with them and see what each of them has to offer.

Do note that all of these websites offer code samples for you to practice. You can practice them using any free JavaScript IDE.

1. W3 Schools JavaScript:

W3 Schools

The first website with free online JavaScript tutorials for beginners is W3 Schools. You will find all the basic concepts of JavaScript categorized as complete individual chapters. All the concepts include an easy to understand definition, examples and Try It Yourself section. You will find this section after each section of the concept, which makes sure that you can test each and everything you’re learning. There are also exercises known as Test Yourself with Exercises which you can use to know how well you know the concepts.

The website also includes sections like JS forms, objects, functions, HTML DOM, Browser BOM, Libraries, Examples, and References.

2. Code Academy:

Code Academy

Code Academy is the second website to get free JavaScript tutorials. The tutorial provided by Code Academy is approximately 10 hours long and 5 million+ users have already enrolled for it. It has following main sections: Introduction, Functions, For Loops in JS, While Loops in JS, Control Flow, Data Structures, and Objects. Each of the sections has various concepts and each of the concepts shows the portion of it (in %) completed by you. You can start learning any of the concepts any time with no restriction to proceed in an order. The website also includes QA Forum and Glossary which you can refer to discuss your doubts and find answers to them.

3. HTML Dog:


 HTML Dog has 9 main sections for the JavaScript course. You will find the contents list on the homepage of the website and clicking on the section will take you to the next page. On this page, you will find the complete details regarding the selected concept, including definitions and examples. This website doesn’t have any code editor so you will need to have your own Javascript editor for practicing the concepts. At the end of each page, there are two options for going to Previous/Next page.

4. Learn-js:


As the name suggests, Learn-Js is the website which is solely focused on JavaScript. The website has divided all the tutorials into two major sections: Basic and Advanced. For each tutorial regardless of the section, the website includes multiple examples with an option Execute Code. This option executes the example code and displays its output which makes understanding of the concepts really easy. Besides this, there is a two-pane view at the bottom which consists of Code view on left and Output view on right. You can enter any JavaScript code on the left side and the run the code to see its output on the right. There is also an Exercise section which includes questions on the basis of whatever you’ve studied in the tutorials.

5. Home & Learn JavaScript Courses:

Home and Learn

Home & Learn JavaScript courses include various chapters towards easy learning of the language. All of these 60 chapters are divided into 12 sections and in order of their difficulty. The course starts with basic concepts and then gradually moves over to difficult concepts. Each chapter includes textual content including examples. There are no exercises or test codes for you to practice, but you won’t feel a lack of examples as there are plenty of them.

6. Webucator:


Webucator is the website which has JavaScript tutorial for beginners, spread over 8 sections. Each of the sections are well categorized like JS Basics, JS Functions, Built-in JS Objects, JS Form Validation, and other similar concepts. At the beginning of each lesson, Webucator displays a list of goals which you will be able to achieve if you will follow the lesson properly. The complete lesson is filled with numerous examples that include code samples for you and in the end, there is an exercise which you need to complete. The website also mentions the average time required to complete the exercise.

7. Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Microsoft Virtual Academy

The next website with free online JavaScript tutorials is Microsoft Virtual Academy. It includes video tutorials for explaining the concepts of JavaScript and for solving all your doubts. You earn points for completing each lesson. The good thing is that all the video tutorials are free to download and you can download them in High MP4 and Mid MP4 video quality. For video tutorials, you can select video quality and playback speed. There’s a table of contents on the right-hand side which shows the title of each of the tutorials including the video duration. There is a progress bar at the top right side which shows the portion of the course (in %) completed by you.

8. EchoEcho:


EchoEcho is the website which has a lot of stuff related to JavaScript tutorials. You’ll find following sections: JS Basics, JS Menu, JS Tools, etc. For the selected concept, the website shows definitions, textual examples, and example codes. There are also some interactive code examples which you can execute to see their output. The unique thing about this website is that at the end of lessons, it mentions common mistakes which users generally make while coding JavaScript. There are also quizzes which you can take to practice the things you’ve learned.

9. Tutorials Point:

As the name suggests, Tutorials Point website is all about tutorials. As for JavaScript tutorials, there are following sections: Basics, Objects, Advanced, References, and Resources. Under each of the section, you will find individual chapters with each chapter dedicated to a particular JavaScript concept.  The chapter starts with the concept name followed by the definition, example and Try It Yourself. The Try It Yourself option takes you to the code editor where you can input the JavaScript code and see the output instantly.

10. HScripts:


HScripts is the website which includes quite a lot of educational stuff related to JavaScript tutorials. There are around 15 main sections with each of them having multiple chapters for you. All the chapters are well categorized, which makes it easier for you find out the chapter you would like to learn. The structure of each of the chapter is also very easy to understand. At the top, you will find the chapter name, definition, explanation, examples, and result. The result option shows the result of the example code used in the chapter.

11. Pick A Tutorial:

Pick A Tutorial

Pick A Tutorial is the last website in the list of free online JavaScript tutorials for beginners. The website includes 49 lessons which you can check as and when you want. The website includes simple explanation and examples which are perfect for beginners to get started with. The only drawback is that this website doesn’t have a code editor for you try out codes instantly.

These are the 11 free online JavaScript tutorial for beginners. Check them out and start your JavaScript coding journey straight away.

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