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Instalist is a free website which lists the most Instagrammable places in the world. By most instagrammable the developer means places around the world that look amazing no matter the angle you take a photo from, the camera you use, or even the photographer clicking the photo. Now days Instagram is the most popular app to share pictures be it photos of pets, landscapes, nature, etc. Everyone wants to show off their photography skills by adding beautiful photos to their Instagram account. So in case you are in or around the places mentioned on this website, you can click some Instagram worthy pictures. According to the developer the listed places look so beautiful in a photo that it is not possible to take a bad photo in that location. Even if you a an amateur photographer, even if you are using your phone camera, still the photos will come out to be amazing. Just because of the background.

All the places listed on the website are public places and are free to be accessed by anyone. The places listed on the website are random and have either been visited by the developer or his friends. When you land on this website you will see a page like the one shown in the screenshot below.

At the top of the page, just below the description you will see the names of the countries from where the places have been listed. Now you can do two things to see the most Instagrammable places. You can just browse through the entire website and see all the places listed, or you can pick a country you are in or you are visiting.

The places are listed in a tile format on the website. As can be seen in the screenshot below.

Each tile will have the name of the place on it. A small description of the place, the name of the city the place is in, a small flag icon of the country it is in, and a explore button. The explore button will take you to another Instagram account with more photos of the mentioned place. Each tile will also have a picture of the place in the background.

You can also join the mailing list of the website to stay updated with new locations added by submitting your email ID on the website.


The website is new and still in the process of adding more locations. But the ones already on the website are beautiful places one can visit. Of course the pictures will come out to be amazing with such nice backgrounds. So do check out this website and see if you live around some of these places or have recently moved to one of these places, then you can get some really beautiful pictures for your Instagram.

Check out Instalist here.

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