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WhatsMySerp is a free Chrome extension that allows you to see keyword volume CPC right inside Google search results. Basically, it adds a simple indicator in the Google Search box and with the help of that indicator, you can analyze any keyword for your SEO research. You can even see the keyword data from any country as this extension supports a lot of them. Apart from showing keyword data, you can see the volume and CPC for related keywords as well. It even allows you to export those keywords in a CSV file.

Think of this Chrome extension as free alternative to the legendary Keywords Everywhere extension which is sadly now a paid tool. If you want a free alternative that works then the extension I have mentioned here will help you. It is fast, simple, and really a great tool for doing keyword research. You can get keyword data for any search query and then do whatever you want. It shows the keyword data for primary search term in the Google Search box. And it shows rest of the keyword data for related queries on the right side of the Google search results page.

How to See Keyword Volume, CPC in Google Search Results from any Country with WhatsMySerp?

Getting started with this Chrome extension is very simple. You  just have to create a free account in order to use it. So just go to the Chrome web store from here and download this extension and add to Chrome browser. Next, you have to sign up for a free account on WhatsMySerp website. After you have created a free account, the extension will start showing you the keyboard volume and other useful data.

Now, just enter some random search query in the Google Search box and you will immediately see the corresponding search volume and cost per click parameter right inside the Google Search box. You can see the screenshot below.

WhatsMySerp in action

After making the search query, you will see that it also shows you keyword data for related keywords on the right side of the search results page. You can see keyword volume and CPC for all those keywords as well. And you can also export them on your PC as a CSV file if you want to. However, it only shows keyword data for 10 related keywords for now.

WhatsMySerp related keywords

Next thing you can do in the Chrome extension is changed the country to get the corresponding search volume and CPC accordingly. This is a useful feature of this SEO tool that you will really like. Most of the time SEO professionals gather data from other locations and that’s where this country feature of this extension will come in handy. To change the keyword volume and other parameters, you just select a different country from the dropdown and the data will change accordingly. However, I noticed that changing country does change the keyword volume but some countries are not supported I guess for example, India.

WhatsMySerp change country

That is it. In this way, you can use this simple and powerful SEO tool from WhatsMySerp. It is indeed a great tool and can be your best friend while doing keyword research for almost any kind of work. While you are using this extension, you will not have to visit Google keyword planner again and again in order to gather keyword data for your research. You just make a simple Google search and then get the keyword volume and CPC in just a couple of  seconds.

Closing thoughts

I really liked the functionality of this Keyword Everywhere alternative and it works great. The data is shows is very reliable I also like its simplicity and you will too when you use it for you as you SEO related research. On the website they have mentioned that this is a free forever tool, so just go ahead and install it, and start using it right now. I am sure it won’t let you down.

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