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Synopsis lets you generate summary of online articles by making simple API calls. Here it uses AI technique to summarize a given article and return it to you. In the free plan, you can only make 10 requests per hour but that is good for personal use. Here you only have to give it URL of an online article and it will return the summary as text after processing it. You can use it for numerous purposes and do whatever you like. In the docs, you can see the code examples for making requests in different programming languages too.

If you need an automated to approach for generating a short article summary then Synopsis is the tool for you. As the name suggest, this tool does exactly that. If you make newsletter or something like that where you need summary of an online text or Wikipedia article or any other content then this might come in handy. The free plan is not that bad and you only need to use a simple command. For free, you don’t have to generate any kind of API key or token or something like that.

How to Generate Summary of Online Article with this AI based API?

Getting started with Synopsis is very simple. The simplest way to use it via any HTTP client such as cURL or Httpie. If you want to use its functionality in your projects then you can do that. It has listed the API call examples for programming languages like Python, Node, Go etc.

Synopsis API Specifications

Now, you just start constructing the API call syntax for this tool. If you want to sue cURL then you use the following syntax of the command and run it. Here you have to supply the link to the online article whose summary you want it to generate. Next, when you hit enter then you will have to wait for a few seconds and then it will show you the response. You can analyze the summary text that it produces and use it in the same way for other articles.

curl -X POST \
'' \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
-d '{
"url": "LinkToWebArticle"

Synopsis in action

Now, you can use this simple and straightforward API to generate article summary. You only need to make simple API call and then you will receive the generates synopsis of the specified article. Also, keep the limits of the free version in mind and if you want unlimited access then you can upgrade to the paid tier of this service.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a simple way of generation article summary using AI then you can use Synopsis. I don’t know what is their algorithm but the results that it produces are reliable. I liked the free plan and especially the fact that you don’t need any kind of API key or token to make calls. Though there is limit in the free plan but you can remove that by upgrading to the premium version with unlimited URLs.

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