Free API Infrastructure for Developers to Build Apps: API Point

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API Point is a free API infrastructure for developers to build applications. Here this website provides you a collection of free APIs that you can use in your apps. The advantage here is that if you use these APIs, then you will not have to write code for a specific function from scratch. For example, here one of the APIs it has for scanning websites where it can detect the technologies or tech stack a website is using.

If you use API Point, you will save a lot of time. In just a few lines of code, you can achieve the same thing that you would have by writing the code for it from the scratch. For now, it has the following APIs that you can use right away. And more APIs and endpoints will be available in the coming updates.

  • User Avatar: Generating and downloading random user avatars.
  • Weather Data: Get live and historical weather data.
  • Free GIFs: Get a GIF corresponding to a query or search term.
  • QR Code: Generate QR code on the fly by making HTTP request.
  • IP Details: Get details about an IP address such as region, lat, long, etc.
  • URL Shot: Take webpage screenshot from URL.
  • Web Scan: To take a general scan of websites to find the technologies used.

We have covered these APIs separately. But here in the case of API point, you get them all. All you have to do is just change the endpoints and API parameters. The website itself mentions some great code examples that you can follow. The best part is that all the endpoints that it provides are not protected. You don’t need any API key or token to use it.

Free API Infrastructure for Developers to Build Applications: API Point

Since there is no token generation or sign up, you can just start using it right away. On the main homepage, there are code examples for making various kinds of API calls to get the desired data.

Free API Infrastructure for Developers to Build Apps API Point

The very first API there is user avatar generator. The syntax and usage example are shown below. You can make the API request in the browser itself. Or, you are free to use any HTTP client as well.



API Point Avatar Generator

Next there is GIF generator. This endpoint takes a search query from you. After that, it returns a matching GIF to you. The syntax and example are shown below. It uses Tenor to fetch the GIF images.



API Point GIF Generator

Similarly, you can use the next endpoint in the list which is IP information checker. This endpoint only takes an IP address as API parameter and then return all the information of the AIP address. Here it supports IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses.



API Point Ip Address Info

This is how you can use this IP infrastructure tool which is both free and easy to use. As a developer, you will really like it. I have not shown all the APIs but you can easily explore them on your own on the main website. All the other APIs that it has are very well documented. You can implement them in any programming language with ease.

Final thoughts:

As a programming enthusiast, I really liked this platform. This can be a game changer for the developers or experts in the future. If they manage to add many other APIs then it will be a free alternative to Rapid API like platforms. So, give this a try and use these APIs in the programming languages you are most comfortable in. As of now the endpoints are neither rate limited or protected by API key. So, don’t abuse this and help in making this available to all the developers.

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