Free iPhone App to Collaboratively Control Music in Party

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Tracktl is a free iPhone app to collaborative control music in party. It is the official app for websitewhich I reviewed recently. This app lets you enjoy all features of website from your iPhone.

For those who are not aware about, here is a brief intro. This app lets everyone control music in a party in a collaborative manner. It means that anyone can add songs to the playlist and vote for the songs which are added to playlist. The app is quite smart as it plays most voted songs first from the playlist.

The app is collaborative, but it still gives final authority to play/pause and delete any song from playlist to party creator. The app also has a timeline called Party Wall from where you can track activities of other party members like songs added by them, voted by them, and you can even post comments on this wall.

Adding Songs

Using this iPhone App to Collaboratively Control Music in Party:

When you launch the app, you will be asked to sign-in using your existing account or register for a new one. After that, you will see the home screen of the app, as shown in screenshot below. You can see that there is an option Create A New Party. Tap on this to create your first party. Give it a name and you will get a unique URL for sharing with others. Your unique URL will be in following format: (xxxx is your party name).

Creating Party

After creating the party, its time to add some cool songs to the party. Tap on the party to get options for adding songs to it, which you can do via interface displayed below. There are 5 options here: Add Music, Add Comments, Facebook, Twitter, and Settings.

Party Options

  • Add Music: You can add songs to playlist by searching from here. All songs are displayed from SoundCloud and Grooveshark. Just search for the song and tap on Green colored button to add it.

    Adding Songs

  • Add Comments: Use this option to add comments to the timeline, Party Wall, for starting a conversation or sharing anything.

    Posting Comments

  • Facebook/Twitter: These options are for sharing party URL on Facebook and Twitter so that more and more friends can enjoy it.
  • Settings: Change settings for your party playlist from here, like name of party, number of songs any user can add, and delete party.


If you want to vote for your favorite songs, then go to playlist, and tap on the heart icon in front of the particular song. You can see that there is an option called History. You can check all the songs which have been played in playlist from here.

Voting for Songs

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Final Verdict:

Tracktl is an awesome iPhone app to collaboratively control music in party. The app is very to use. You will not face any issues in adding songs, commenting on timeline or in voting for your favorite songs. Do give it a try.

Get Tracktl here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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