5 Free Websites To Get Latest Malware, Viruses For Testing

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This is the list of 5 free Websites to get latest malware, viruses for testing. These websites provide latest detected malware from various sources. You can see the date of detection, vulnerability score, a sample of a virus, and VirusTotal report in some cases. Another reason to use these websites is that they will always keep you updated about the various malware and viruses.

These websites can also be used to to test your antivirus software on the various samples of viruses. Alternatively, you take EICAR test which is safe, but for an advanced level of testing, you will have to check your AV software on some really harmful viruses to ensure a tight security.

5 Free Websites To Get Latest Malware, Viruses For Testing

Before starting this tutorial, I want to share a word of caution that before downloading any virus sample from these websites, please handle it with care. Though, the downloaded ZIP file will be encrypted, but still, you have to use them very carefully. And make sure that there is an antivirus software available on your PC.

So, now, let’s see these free websites to get latest malware, viruses for testing.

5 Free Websites To Get Latest Malware, Viruses For Testing

VX Vault

VX Vault downlaod virus sample

VX Vault is one of the best free websites to get latest malware, viruses for testing. It contains a very large number of viruses and malware. You can also get all the details related to a particular malware such as detection date, its hash, VirusTotal report, its IP address, name and many others. If you want, you can download it as a ZIP file and check with your antivirus program. You can also search for a specific malware on the website.

The virus sample that it provides comes in an encrypted ZIP file, whose password is “infected”. For extra security settings, the virus inside the ZIP file has no file extension, so if you accidentally click on it, then its code will not be executed. You can test the virus sample and ensure that your antivirus is up to date. And do not hesitate to browse the site, as it has implemented a strong mechanism on it, so no virus will be downloaded to your PC from it automatically.


DAS malwerk download virus sample

DAS MALWERK is another free website to get latest malware, viruses for testing. This website is also very vast and contains tons of virus and malware samples on it. The website also includes the VirusTotal report and other details of every malware and virus which is detected by it recently. Just like VX Vault, it also provides the virus sample in the encrypted ZIP file (password=infected) that you can download and test on your PC.

DAS MALWERK website also provides its API to access its database. Overall, I find this to be a very good website that provides a lot of virus and malware samples to download.


Malwaredb downlaod virus sample

Update 2022: This website no longer exists.

Malwaredb is quite a nice website which contains a lot of viruses along with various useful stats. It gives the list of latest malware on its main page along with its name, detection date, download link, VirusTotal report, description, etc. Also, if you want to search for a malware, then you can do that. But, for searching a malware, you will have to provide its hash or name. There is a direct link to the malware sample on its main page, which is an encrypted ZIP file.

You may face some difficulty on its main page as some part is in another language. But, you can easily search and download any virus sample from it in just a few seconds. The website doesn’t require any registration, so you can download virus samples in a hassle free environment.

All, in all it is a very good website to get latest malware, viruses for testing.


Malwr download virus sample

Malwr is a complete database of the latest malware, viruses that you can download as an encrypted ZIP file. The website provides full details about the malware, including, its name, detection date, risk level, and some other useful information. But, to download a virus sample from it, you will have to create a free account on it. This is for the site security, so people will not use these samples for unacceptable acts. And the website claims that if you are found to be downloading the samples at an excess rate, then they may terminate your account without any notice.

Another thing that I like about Malwr is that it also shows that which programming language is used to create a particular malware. So, if you are also interested in the coding part of a particular malware, then you can use this website. However, it can only tell you the programming language behind it, not the actual code.

Open Malware

Open malware download virus sample

Open Malware is quite a different website to get latest malware, viruses for testing. The website provides a search engine on it rather than a list of malware. You will have to search for a particular virus in it by typing its name or hash. The website provides the virus sample that you search for and it gives it in an encrypted archive. The password of the archive is “infected”. When you search for malware in it, it shows you the VirusTotal and ThreatExpert report along with it.

The database and malware sources of the website are invisible from public users. You can only search for a virus and get its sample in a ZIP file. Also, as the website don’t allow to see the virus database, so it’s hard to tell whether they are keeping an updated list of malware.

Final Words

These were some pretty awesome websites to get latest malware, viruses for testing. All of these websites provide the virus sample in a ZIP file that you can download on your PC and test. Also, they provide some other very useful details about a particular malware, you can see the hash of the virus, VirusTotal report, ThreatExpert report, and certain other things.

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