5 Best Smoking Risk Calculator To Find Risks Of Smoking

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This article tells you about some of the best Smoking Risk Calculator websites. I have mentioned tools that are different from each other and provide different statistics. Based on input given by you, such as your age, height, gender, average cigarette consumption, period of cigarette consumption, etc., calculations are carried out. While some of these tools provide the number of days you have lost in your lifespan, some tell you if you are eligible for cancer screening. Other tools tell you how much more you will live if or if not you stop smoking.

I will talk about these tools one at a time in the following article. Once you go through the article, you will be able to figure out a perfect tool which you might be looking for.

You can also take a look at these body fat calculator websites, to calculate the percentage of body fat based on your weight, age, height, gender, etc.

Here Are The Best Free Smoking Risk Calculators:

Smoke Risk Calculator

This Smoke Risk Calculator tells you how many days you have lost by smoking. For this, you will need to enter an approximate date when you started smoking. After that, select the option if you quit smoking, and lastly enter the average number of cigarettes you smoke/day.

The total number of days lost in your lifespan by smoking is displayed.

Checkout this tool here.

Prokeraia: Smoking Risk Calculator

This Smoking Risk Calculator from Prokeraia almost as similar to the above mentioned tool. The only difference is that you get to view number of days lost along with the approx number of years left for you to live if you quit smoking and if you continue smoking. As input, you need to enter the average number of cigarettes you smoke per day, you gender, your age, when you started smoking, and if you quit smoking.

As you carry out the calculation, a new webpage opens where you will get the result as displayed above.

Test out this tool here.

How Long Will I Live

How Long Will I Live is an online tool that tells your life expectancy based on your age, smoking habits, other habits, family history, etc. Here, you get to enter general info about you, such as age, gender, race, weight, height, marital status, fitness etc. About your habits, you need to provide information such as alcohol habits, smoking habits and more. According to the input you provide, you will get to see the life expectancy.

Here is what the output looks like. On this page, you can scroll up and down to see your life expectancy percentage for different ages.

Access this tool here.

Lung Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

This online tool lets you calculate the risk/probability of you getting cancer based on your smoking habits and other vital information. It is only for people above the age of 55. Its asks you for your gender, age, BMI, number of chest x-rays conducted, smoking intensity, exposures, etc.

This is how you will see the probability of cancer plotted on a graph. Along with it, you will also see percentage in numbers based on various risk models.

Checkout this tool here.


YOUR LUNG CANCER RISK is a tool that tells you if you are eligible for Lung Cancer Screening. For this, it asks for your basic information, where you will need to enter your age, smoking status, duration of smoking, average cigarette consumption per day, gender, ethnicity, height, weight, history of lung cancer in family, etc.

Based on this information, the website just tells you if you are eligible for lung cancer screening, and what’s you chances of developing lung cancer in coming years.

Give this tool a try here.

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