4 Online ODS to Excel Converter Free Websites

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Here are 4 free online ODS to Excel converters. These websites let you upload OpenDocument Format file from desktop/PC and then you can convert it to XLS and/or XLSX format file. The best part about these websites is you can batch convert ODS to Excel files.

While some websites support only one format (which is XLS) for conversion, other sites let you select XLS as well as XLSX format to get the output. Some of these websites also let you convert ODS to PDF, HTML, CSV, DOC, etc. Also, your ODS and Excel files are also removed by the websites automatically. Don’t worry you will get enough time to save the output files.

Let’s check these free online ODS to Excel converters one by one.

Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter ODS to XLS

Bear File Converter has a separate ODS to XLS tool. Here is the homepage for that tool. It lets you upload as many ODS files as you want up to 50 MB. You can also convert online ODS files. Once the input ODS files are uploaded, use Convert button and those files are converted one by one.

The output files can be downloaded separately or at once using Download All button. When you get the XLS files, you can also delete them from the website. Or else, you can simply close the website and it will automatically delete your uploaded and converted files after 2 hours.

CloudConvert ODS To Excel

CloudConvert ODS to Excel

CloudConvert brings a fantastic ODS to Excel converter feature. Check the homepage of this feature here. Some amazing options are available to use. The most useful feature is you can add ODS documents (with maximum 1 GB file size) from 6 different platforms at a time: your PC, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, online ODS file URLs, and Dropbox. The second best feature is you can set XLS and XLSX format for the input files separately. Once the files are converted to Excel files, you can save all of them at a time or download files one by one. The feature to save Excel files to PC, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box is also available.

Apart from ODS to Excel, you can also convert ODS to PDF, HTML, CSV, etc. Your files are also removed after a day from the website without making any copies.

The free plan (with sign up) is good enough. Though there are a few limitations but that won’t bother you as per what I think. In its free plan, the users get 25 minutes for conversion per day and 5 concurrent file conversions. This is surely a fantastic option to try.

You may also read its detailed review here.


zamzar ods to excel

Zamzar is one of the best and popular file conversion websites. Its ODS to Excel converter feature (here is the link) lets you convert 5 ODS files at a time. You can either select XLS or XLSX format as output to get the converted files. Its free (without sign up) plan lets you upload up to 50 MB input files for conversion.

The process to get output files is a bit different. Instead of providing the direct download links for output files, you need to give your email address in which the website sends download link emails for output files. Using those links, you can download the XLS/XLSX files. Your files can be downloaded until 24 hours.

Apart from ODS to Excel, this website provides other output formats as well. For example, you can convert ODS to CSV, DOC, PDF, HTML, etc.


DocsPal website

DocsPal is another great option to convert ODS to Excel format files. The best part is you can select XLS as well as XLSX format as output for the input files. Here is the link. The website has features similar to “Zamzar”. You can upload maximum 50 MB size ODS files and maximum 5 files can be added at a time for conversion. Once the files are added, you can set the output formats and begin the conversion process. If you can’t wait to get the output files, then you can submit email address and the website will notify you about the conversion and give you the download links. Or else, you can wait to get output files.

You can save output Excel files one by one or at once in a zip file. All your input ODS documents are deleted after the conversion and your output files remain available for download for 5 days before they are deleted from this website.

The Conclusion:

If your need is to convert multiple ODS files to XLS files with ease, then the first website is good enough for that purpose. Otherwise, if you need a feature rich website which lets you upload ODS documents from multiple platforms and set output format as XLS and XLSX, then “CloudConvert” is the most suitable website. Try these free online ODS to Excel converters.

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