5 Free Websites To Watch Programming Video Lectures

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In this article, I will cover 5 free websites to watch programming video lectures.

If you are looking for free online resources to learn programming languages then these websites can be really useful for you. These websites have collections of video covering various programming languages and developer events.

With these websites, you can learn programming languages and get to know about current and upcoming tools and technology in the industry. You can follow various programming courses and improve your programming skills as well.

So, let’s start this list and see what these websites offer.

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Here Are 5 Free Websites To Watch Programming Video Lectures:


programming video lectures online

As the name suggests, FreeVideoLectures.com is a free website that has a wide collection of video lectures. On this website, you can find free video courses for various programming languages, tools and web services. Each course has a brief intro which gives you an idea about the course. Then, there is a set of video lectures which you can follow in order to complete the course. The play time of each video is mentioned besides its name. This can help you to estimate the time you are going to need, so you can plan accordingly. You can also see how many students enrolled in a particular course and interact with them in the activity section. All these features make this website a sort of e-learning platform where you can find video lectures on other subjects as well.

You can access these programming video lectures here.


watch programming video lectures

Dev.Tube is another free website where you can find developer conferences and videos lectures by reputed developers. It does not offer any courses like other websites on this list. Instead, it gives you all the latest and greatest programming related videos at one place. Most of these videos are crash courses and guidelines by successful and reputed personnel of the industry. They give you a detailed walk through of the current and upcoming programming tools and technologies.

You can sort these video by Tags, Speakers, and Channels (YouTube). In the Tags, you can choose a particular programming language, platform, tools, etc. and lists all the available videos on that. The Speaker section gives you a list of reputed personnel where you can select one or more names to see their videos. And, with the Channel section, you can filter out the videos of various reputed or official YouTube Channels.

Watch programming video lectures on DevTube here.


free programming video lectures

Ocw.mit.edu or OpenCourseWare offers high-quality digital resources for everyone on the web. Here you can find programming courses by topic. All the courses on this website are well structured and packed all the necessary material. This structure involves Introduction, Syllabus, Reading Material, Video Lectures (from MIT), Lecture Slides and Codes, In Class Questions and Video Solutions, and Assignment.

The course level and taught date (the date on which the video lecture is actually taught) is mentioned in each course. This helps you choose a suitable and recent course. A calendar schedule is also included in the structure which gives you a clear idea of the course’s timeline. Furthermore, links to buy the respective textbooks is also provided in the Reading Material section. And, you can also download the course materials which includes all the reading material, question-answer, assignment except video/audio files.

Here is a link to these programming video lectures.


online programming video lectures free

PVTuts.com is another e-learning website where you can learn various programming languages for free. This website provides video lectures for the following programming languages:


  • C#
  • C++
  • Java
  • SQL

Web Programming

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • XML

PVTuts doesn’t offer other additional reading materials or assignments. But, it does have all the content covered in the video in written text. This text helps you easily follow the video and keep track of all the important points.

Watch programming video lectures on PVTuts here.


learn programming online

KhanAcademy.org is a non-profit educational organization that provides courses on various subjects for school and undergrad students. These courses are well-detailed and help you learn through videos. Unlike other websites on this list, it doesn’t offer a complete course for any particular programming language. Instead, it teaches you the basic concepts and methods of computer programming. Here, you can find the study materials and video lectures on algorithms, JavaScript, and computer animations. It also offers introduction and use of various web designing programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and SQL.

If you are already familiar with algorithms and programming concepts then, this website might not be much help. But, if you are new to computer programming then this is one of the best options to start with. Here, you can start from the basic and learn the algorithms and concepts of programming in details.

You can check out these programming video lectures here.

Closing Words:

These are the 5 websites where you can watch programming video lectures and learn from anywhere. If you really looking for free resources that can help you learn programming languages and improve your programming skills then do check these out.

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