5 Free LaTeX Table Editor Software for Windows

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Here is a list of 5 free LaTeX table editor software for Windows. You can edit LaTeX table and then save it as TeX file format (*.tex, *.sty, *.Rnw, *.bib, *.asy, *.cls, etc.). Most of these software have tabbed interface. That means you can add multiple LaTeX tables or documents on separate tabs in a single interface and then edit them.

These software are not limited to edit LaTeX table only. You can add your LaTeX file, create a new LaTeX file from the beginning, and save it. Some software also come with the feature to export LaTeX file as PDF document. Apart from that, you can add Math equations, use bibliography, add footnote, code environments, etc.

Let’s check these free LaTeX table editor software one by one.


TeXstudio- interface

TeXstudio is one of the LaTeX software editor software on this list. It is also an open source software which is another good thing about it. The feature that I like a lot is you can edit multiple LaTeX tables on its interface in different tabs and then edit those tables. Paste LaTeX table data manually or add LaTeX file containing the table and start editing it.

It provides the options to add row, column, paste column, delete a row, column, align columns, cut columns, etc. Use those options, edit the table, and then save it. It also lets you save LaTeX table as PDF but the output came as corrupted. Still, you can try this feature.

The software is also a very good option to create a new LaTeX file and edit an existing LaTeX file. You can also add Math equations, Math accents, LaTeX environments, bibliography, etc.


Texmaker- interface

Texmaker software has features similar to TeXstudio. It also lets you add and edit multiple LaTeX tables on its interface. But, it doesn’t provide different tabs to access those tables. Instead, you need to use drop down menu or left and right arrows to access a particular table. Edit the table and then save it as TeX file.

This software also provides Math functions, Math accents, Math spaces, LaTeX sectioning, Tabular Environment, use bibliography, add user command, and more. This is surely a very good LaTeX table editor software which is also a great competitor to other software covered on this list.


TextItEasy- interface

TextItEasy is another good LaTeX table editor software here. The software comes with dark theme which makes the interface look beautiful. If you want, you can change theme light mode. Add LaTeX table and then edit it as per your requirements. When the changes are done, save your LaTeX table. Multiple LaTeX tables can also be added because it has tabbed interface.

The software provides many other features for creating and editing the LaTeX documents. It lets you add Math array and equation, lists, add comment to LaTeX document, create macro, and more.

Open LaTeX Studio

Open LaTeX Studio- interface

Open LaTeX Studio also comes with features similar to above mentioned LaTeX table editors. You can add LaTeX file or table and then start editing it. It doesn’t come with tabbed UI but you can edit one LaTeX table at a time easily.

The software also creates log when you will save the file. The feature to save LaTeX document as PDF is also available which works good. Apart from that, it comes with PDF preview feature. So, you can first check the preview and then save LaTeX as PDF file. It also comes with a built-in web browser which is a unique feature. It also has a spell check feature but it didn’t work well for me. Still, you can give a try to that feature.


TeXnicCenter- interface

TeXnicCenter is another useful LaTeX table editor software. It is also open source software. The software comes with tabbed interface so you can add multiple LaTeX files on different tabs. Switch to any tab and then you can edit LaTeX table. When the table is edited, save it in the original format.

Some good options are also present in this software. It lets you add header, footnote, code environments, formulae, quotations, perform search, set font size, alignment, import TeX commands, insert block comment, remove block comment, and more. So, pretty good options are available to use.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list which has good LaTeX table editor software for Windows. All the software work really good for editing LaTeX table. These software are also handy to edit a LaTeX document or create a document from the scratch. Try these software.

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