Get Android Notifications on Lock Screen, Like Moto X Active Display

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DynamicNotifications for Android is a free app for Android devices which gives you Moto X’s active notifications like feature on any Android device. Moto X’s Active Display is an intuitive feature which wakes up the display and shows the notifications on the screen. In this way you can see what the notification is, without unlocking the phone. Also you can directly unlock to the app which gave the notification.

DynamicNotifications for Android tries to bring this feature to all Android devices. The app lights up the display and shows you the notification without the need to unlocking the phone. Also the app uses smart features to determine when to turn on and show the notification; it does not waste the battery by showing the notification when your device is lying facing down, in your pocket, or inside your purse.

DynamicNotifications For Android Get Notification Similar to Moto X’s Active Display

Using DynamicNotifications for Android:

You can get DynamicNotifications for Android from the link or QR code at the end of this article. When you run the app for the first time, then you will have screen as seen below. Press on OK to continue. You will be taken to the Accessibility access as seen here, simple turn on this service for DynamicNotifications and then press the back button. Now when you get notifications, your phone’s screen will light up and you will be able to see the notification.

Using DynamicNotifications for Android

Setting in DynamicNotifications for Android:

In the app, you can manage its appearance and the behavior. Tapping on ‘manage blocked apps’ option allows you to block notification from particular apps, simply uncheck an app to block it.

Setting in DynamicNotifications for Android

If you like, you can even set the custom screen timeout. Also ‘switch off screen on dismiss’ option switches the screen off when you dismiss a notification. Both of these options allow you to reduce battery consumption.

screen time out in DynamicNotifications for Android

Tapping on the advanced appearance options brings you to the interface as seen here. Now simply tap on the drop down option on the top to change various aspects of the appearances of DynamicNotifications.

customize apperance in DynamicNotifications for Android

From here you can customize the background color or image, foreground color, clock, swipe actions, screen orientation, and more. Below you can see that I have totally changed the look of the notifications using these options.

apperance changed in DynamicNotifications for Android


DynamicNotifications for Android allows you to interact with your notifications more easily. Just like Moto X’s Active Notifications, DynamicNotifications provides you a more efficient, simple, and graceful way of getting and managing your notification.

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Get DynamicNotifications for Android from here or scan the QR code below.

DynamicNotifications qr code

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Works With: Android 4.0 and up
Free/Paid: Free

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