5 Best Free Glitch GIF Maker Android Apps

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Here you’re going to know about 5 best Glitch GIF maker Android apps. All the apps are free and easy to use. The glitch GIF maker enables you to add image and video in the app. Then, you can apply filters and effects. The apps have a feature to select a specific part from the video in order to apply effects in the GIF. Thereafter, you can save the file on your phone.

The glitch GIF makers have several effects that you can use. There are effects such as Glitch, VHS, NoiseLine, DistortedTV, PixelShift, Beat, Multi, Trippy, Art and many more. You can tap and hold on the filter to apply it on a video. Similarly, you can add remaining filters in between the video. Thereafter, you can export the glitch video on your phone. You can also convert a video to GIF using Android apps.

Let’s check these apps out and create GIF with Glitch effects using Glitch GIF maker apps.

1. Glitch GIF Effect

Glitch GIF maker Android app

Glitch GIF Effect is one of the best Glitch GIF maker Android apps. Using this app you can convert an image into GIF with Glitch effect.

Once you open the app, it shows options two options; Camera and Gallery. Here, you can take a picture using the camera or browse images from your phone image gallery.

When the image gets imported in the app, you can add glitch effects. There you will see the animation below in a row. Some of them are paid but most of them are free to use. You can simply tap any of the effects to preview. Then whichever glitch you like, just save it on your phone. For that, you can tap on the save icon on the top right.

2. Glitchee Cam

Glitch GIF maker Android app

Glitchee Cam is another Glitch GIF maker Android app. This is basically a camera in which you can record a video to add glitch effects.

After opening the app, you will see the option below from where you can add an image or video. To proceed, you can tap on the white circle on the top right and then tap Sure on the bottom right.

At this point, you can add effects. For that, you can tap on the icon below to view the glitch effects. Now here the app works amazingly. Once you open the effects, just tap on the recorder button. When the recorder starts counting, you can tap on the effects and tap the finger on the top left to apply the filter. You change the effects as well.

Once done, just tap the recorder button again. And the video gets saved on the phone automatically. If you wish then you can use color effects as well and save the video in just one tap.

3. 90s Glitch

Glitch GIF maker Android app

90s Glitch is a Glitch GIF maker Android app. Using this app, you can take a video by recording it. Also, you can edit the video by browsing it from your phone.

After adding the image, you can use its features such as effects, stickers, audio, and text. To add glitches, you can tap on effects. There are different types of glitches to add, e.g., Glitch, VHS, NoiseLine, DistortedTV, PixelShift. You can use other categories such as Beat, Multi, Trippy, Art. Each category has a few collections of glitch effects.

To apply effects, you have to press and hold the effect. Similarly, you can do with other effects. This way, you can add multiple effects in the same image and save it on your phone.

4. Glitcho

Glitch GIF maker Android app

Glitcho is another good option to use it as Glitch GIF maker app in Android. The app is simple to use. All you need to use is add the image or a video in the app.

Then, you can apply filters with glitch. There are glitch effects such as wobbler, slicer, glitchi, mirror, melt, ultraspider, RGB scan and many more. Then, you can save the glitch GIF on your phone.

5. EZGlitch

Glitch GIF maker Android app

EZGlitch is a free glitch GIF maker Android app. You can add any image or a video from your phone gallery. Then, you can apply glitch effects in the specific part of the image.

There are many effects you can use such as EZ, Slice bar 2, channel shift, melt to side, glitch, etc. To apply the filter, you can tap on the glitch effects then tap and hold on a video. You can do this with other filters as well. After adding the effects, you can save the video on your phone.

In brief

The glitch GIF maker Android apps are amazing to use. You can add glitch effects in the photo, video or GIFs. The apps have numerous effects to apply. The good feature that I liked most is to use multiple glitches in the same video. So try these apps and make weird images using glitch effects.

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