Windows 8 Home Finder App To Find Home For Sale/Rent Across US

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Zillow, is a free Windows 8 home finder app. Using the app you can easily find homes for sale and for rent across United States. It is the official Zillow app for Windows 8 users. Zillow is the leading and popular real estate network, that can help you find a new home across the 100 million + homes in US. The app basically lets you search for homes on the basis of zip code, and city names or state names, and then shows the homes that are for sale and for rent, and their all related information that include price, photos, description, exact location, and agents who are dealing with the flat or house. It also lets you contact the agents or realtor so that, you can tour a home. Not only that you can also filter your searches so that you can get more relevant results and quickly find your dream home.


Find Home for sale or for rent, and contact realtor/agent using this Windows 8 Home Finder App:

As it is the official Zillow app for Windows 8 users, so whatever results you’ll get in this app is reliable, valid, and trustworthy. Plus the app shows you only the good and relevant results. So that you don’t have to go through much trouble hunting houses. The app searches and shows the results for houses located only across US. The app certainly is useful, it cuts all the labors, and gives you medium where you have to do the least for getting the dream-house.

The app is location-based Windows 8 app. That is, it shows all the results based on locations. Weather you want to move into a near by house in your town, or city, or across cities in United States, it can help you out. Like I mentioned above you can search for houses by specifying city zip code, or City/ State name.

Zillow - homes on Bing map

The app will show you the houses in the specified location. Plus it also maps the results (houses) in Bing map within the app itself. The app’s integration with Bing maps work great. Panning the map, and zooming it is smooth and fast. Good thing is the app assigns different colors for houses that are on rent, sale, pre-market, or recently sold. The houses on sale are marked with red color, houses on pre-market with blue, houses on rent with purple, and recently sold houses with yellow. This is pretty good feature, because you can easily distinguish between each house on the map. Not only that, all the houses, that is colored dots on the map have their price attached to them. This helps in finding out the house that you want.

Zillow - one result selected

You either click on the desired dot in map to view it’s details, or you can use the results list present on the right. The search results are not limited to some specific number, but the app gives you a pretty good list of results, giving you more options to choose from.

Simply click on View More details button, which you can get after selecting a result from the list or map. This gives you the details of the house, which includes the price obviously, number of bed rooms, bathrooms, the area coverage, contact numbers, email address, good quality photos of rooms. Plus it also allows you to send a mail to the agents or Realtor from within the app itself. You can view photos in fullscreen mode. And if you liked the house you can share it’s information using Windows Share Charm.

Zillow - share

A good thing is the app also lets you filter the searches by price range, type of house (that is sale, rent, single family, multiple family, condo, lots/land, number of bed rooms, bath rooms, year built etc. All you have to do is click on Filter Results button in Search Results panel on the right, and give the filters. Good thing is the app filters results in real-time.

Key features of this Windows home finder app:

  • Completely free.
  • Official Zillow app for Windows 8.
  • Find home across United States based on locations searches.
  • Shows house on rent, for sale and maps them on Bing map.
  • Shows good details of house, photos, contact numbers and email addresses of Realtor and agents.
  • Filter search.
  • Mark house as favorite, and pin them to start screen.

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Final note:

Zillow, certainly is quite a good Windows 8 house finder app. It’s functional and does helps a lot in finding a house, condo etc. The results are pretty good and reliable. However there’s a small problem with Search Results panel. Sometimes it doesn’t show results. Otherwise the app is all good. It’s easy, fast, and has got a good UI. Plus it also gives too many good options to get to know the house and contact the agents. All in all a good free app.

Grab Zillow here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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