Silver Sash Developer: Free Development Tool for Oracle Database

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Silver Sash Developer is a Oracle Database development tool. It is used to write SQL queries and create PL/SQL functions, procedures, objects, packages, etc.

silver sash developer

Silver Sash Developer can be run on all versions of windows and is compatible with Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g. It also provides automatic syntax highlighting for SQL and PL/SQL statements. But you do get the option to change and set preferences according to your own choice.

Silver Sash Developer also has a built-in debugger which helps you debug your PL/SQL code. The debugger is very easy to use. The debugger lets you step through the code using breakpoints and examine variable values or even change them.

Connection to multiple databases simultaneously is possible. With this you can open multiple editor panes at the same time and also work on them. Users are required to connect to the database only once during the entire time the application runs. Users can also switch a session between different connections without having to login everytime and without losing any information. One of the best features of this editor is that users can work on a session disconnected or connected.

You can also open as many sessions as a editor. Also you have the flexibility to work on multiple databases simultaneously. A Database administrator is also included with this developer. You can view indexes, tables, constraints, materialized views and other objects using the browser. Various actions can be performed on objects like drop, alter, create, etc.

Other features of this developer includes:

  • Data can be exported and imported
  • More than one SQL queries can be executed simultaneous
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Shows past executions history
  • Can define a limit on number of rows returned from a query
  • Click on column header to sort
  • Save button lets you save queries to a file
  • Print button lets you print all queries
  • Shows messages and errors in an adjacent window
  • Provides output of selected queries in a spreadsheet or text format. You can also print this spreadsheet and text file.

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The best part is that you can download it for free. So here is the download link to Silver Sash Developer, go ahead and give it a try.

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