Encryption and Decryption: CTI Text Encryption

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CTI Text Encryption is a free encryption and decryption software which codes and decodes text both. There are times when you would like to use a code to hide sensitive information. CTI can perform both encoding and decoding in multiple formats. CTI text encryption can perform one way or two-way text encryption and decryption.  You can encrypt it using multiple keys.


How to perform Encryption and Decryption using CTI Text Encryption :

All you have to do is download this text encryption software and encrypt your message and send it over. The recipient downloads CTI as well and he could decode the message, so your messages are safe. This comes in handy due to high incidence of hacking in the cyber world. Recently, Inmotion hosting was hacked. Even Gmail isn’t safe from the fangs of the hackers. And it is no point if the text cannot be reconverted into a meaningful message, so encryption and decryption are powerful tools in today’s world. CTI is a free text encryption software developed by expert programmers that keeps hackers guessing about the message and the message can be decoded using CTI Text Encryption only.

Key Features of CTI Text Encryption :

  • Small and Compact .
  • Portable, the text encryption software can be transferred from one device to another through a USB.
  • Generates unique code upon each trial, so the text decryption becomes difficult for the decrypts.
  • Secure Encoding using Processor ID and Hard Disk Number.

How to Download and Install CTI Text Encryption :

  • Go to the Homepage.
  • Click on Download on the right side of the page.
  • After launching the software, put in some text as input and click on encrypt to encode text. To decode the message click on Decrypt.

CTI Text Encryption is a free encryption and decryption software which codes and decodes text both. It is a two-way encryption and decryption software. Download CTI Text Encryption free.

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