Free Multiple user screen sharing with High resolution, low latency

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Screego is a free multiple user screen sharing tool with high resolution, low latency. Here this is a simple and self hostable screen sharing tool that you will like. It is a one-to-many screen sharing tool with a minimal web UI where you can create a room and invite people in it to share your PC screen with them. It is a cross-platform tool and has an online public instance that you can use for screen sharing and without having to do any sign up or prior registration.

There are many screen sharing tools available out there and even Zoom and Microsoft Teams like services also have that features but most of the time, the screen share is blurry. For some things such as presentations, that quality can be okay but for sharing code or sharing some documents, that is not good. And this is why you need high resolution screen sharing. Screego is that tool which can provide that and you just have to use it.

Free Multiple user Screen Sharing with High Resolution, Low Latency:

As I already mentioned that you can either self-host Screego or you can also use the public instance. For the simplicity, here I will use the public instance of Screego that you can use easily. But if you want to self-host it then you are good to go. Binaries for all major platforms are available on its GitHub repository releases.

Screego Room

Now, when you are on the main web UI of Screego, you have to create a room here. Give your room a name and then you can start the screen share in this room. Just click on the screen share icon and then select the screen you want to share. It will generate the URL to this room you’ve just created.

Screego start screen share

Now, you can share the screen with other using the URL of the room. The user will now be able to see the shared screen on their PC, and they will see it in high quality. You can turn off screen-sharing anytime and in the same way, you can open the screen share that other members of your team share with you. This is simple and pretty straightforward.

Screego in action

In the long list of free screen sharing tools, you now have one more and luckily it is self hostable as well. You can use this very easily for high quality screen sharing. And if you don’t have a server where you can deploy this, then do not worry as you can also run it locally. You can use Screego as a tool for internal communication as well.

Closing thoughts

Screego is no doubt is high resolution screen sharing tool which is lite as well. I really liked the functionality of the tool along with it super easy to use features. If you are looking for a scree sharing tool that offers high video resolution then you are the right place. Just use Screego for any purposes and you can also host it on your end if you have a VPS.

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