Virtual Whiteboard To Create Presentations, Upload Pictures: RealtimeBoard

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RealtimeBoard is a free browser-based virtual whiteboard offered by Chrome that allows you to create a board, upload pictures, realtime collaborations, etc. It enables you to create multiple boards and lets you to collaborate freely with your team members. It provides you variety of markup tools and mini-chats, to discuss projects in real time either publicly or in an private environment. This web app offers multiple variety of tools like upload pictures, make sticky notes, invite participants, upload PDF files and a lot more.

RealtimeBoard offers you variety of templates that enables you to design your board in whichever way you want. This virtual whiteboard can perform multiple tasks on a single board, in-short it gives you infinite options to implement your imagination. It’s real-time free environment gives you the opportunity to share notes, discuss designs with your colleagues, write text, brainstorm ideas and more. Let us discuss some of its exciting features below.

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Features of RealtimeBoard:

  • Provides you free browser-based virtual whiteboard
  • Allows you to create multiple boards
  • Allows you to access the app from anywhere
  • Lets you collaborate with your colleagues
  • Offers you variety of templates
  • Enables you to upload and download images and PDF files
  • Provides you private and public real-time environment to discuss your projects
  • Offers you variety of presentation toolkit
  • Offers you simple and clear interface
  • Offers you various markup tools
  • Enables you to invite people via emails or to mini-chats
  • Lets you Zoom in/out
  • Directly uploads Google Drive documents
  • Useful in project management, education field, event management, brainstorming, etc.

How To Use This Virtual Whiteboards:RealtimeBoard?:

realtimeboard sign-up1

To access RealtimeBoard, you have to click on the link provided to you in the end of this article. As you click on the link the Google Chrome extension page will appear and you just have to Sign-in to add. As soon as you Sign-in it will ask you to Launch the app. When you hit Launch, the RealtimeBoard will ask you to sign-up. It facilitates you to sign-up via Google and Facebook. Once you are done with this procedure, it automatically redirects to the RealtimeBoard main page. If you are unaware with its features and procedure to use you can have a look at the demo by clicking on this link.

realtimeboard create name4

You are now ready to create boards, for this you just have to click on create new board. There you need to enter the title for your board, select the environment in which you prefer to work; private or public and enter emails if you wish to share with any particular person. Then further you can select the template of your own choice on which you wish to work, or you can also select simple white board.

realtimeboard features7

Now you can upload pictures, write text, draw freely using brush, create libraries, invite people, create presentations, realtime collaborations, etc. It provides you ample of markup tools and other multiple features where you can erase, rotate, add comment, link objects or models, upload and edit PDF file and more. It provides mini-chat facilities so that you can discuss your projects with your colleagues. It even lets you to view your dashboard just by clicking over show dashboards.

realtimeboard invite participants6

It allows you to save your image to PNG format and saves your document to PDF format. Not only that it lets you invite participants in both public and private environment and enables you to directly share your post to Facebook.

My Verdict For RealtimeBoard:

RealtimeBoard is an online browser-based virtual whiteboard that offers you infinite options to your imagination. Even though its in beta version, everything seems to be very polished, but still some minor or barely noticeable issues are present here and there. This excellent and creative tool is worth to use as it provides you to create multiple boards or canvases that facilitates you to work in real-time. You can grab this creative app from here.

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Works With: Google Chrome
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