How to See Rotten Tomatoes Rating on Amazon Prime Videos?

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So you have subscribed to the Amazon Prime Videos account. Now you are not very sure what you would like to watch. So you go to your browser search engine and start searching for a video that you liked. You want to see ratings on that video, just to make sure whether its worth the watch or not. So Rotten Tomatoes is a established name when it comes to ratings of videos be it TV shows or movies. So you check out Rotten Tomatoes ratings for the video you want to watch on Amazon Prime. This seems like a lot of work just to check out ratings. Instead, you can simply install a Chrome extension called Amazon Prime Video – Rotten Tomatoes Overlay.

This Chrome extensions just adds the Rotten Tomatoes rating for a video right below the title of the video on Amazon Prime. Let’s see how this extension works below.

Go to the Chrome web store and install this extension by clicking the add to Chrome button. Once this extension is added, a icon for the same will appear next to the address bar. This icon can be seen in the screenshot below.

Now you can log into your Amazon Prime Video account using the Chrome browser. Once you login the suggested videos for you will start showing up on your screen. This can be seen below.

If you like a video, and want to see its ratings, then simply hover your mouse over the video tile. A pop up window will open up as shown in the screenshot below.

In this window you can see the Rotten Tomatoes rating of the video, right below the title of the video. This can be seen in the screenshot below. The Rotten Tomatoes rating is highlighted with the red rectangular box.

Through this rating you can decide whether you want to watch this video or not. This extension makes it easy for you to see Rotten Tomatoes rating of any movie or TV show. Just hover over the video tile and you can see the rating in a pop up window.


Rotten Tomatoes has earned its popularity and we know it to have pretty accurate ratings when it comes to movies and TV shows. A lot of times what we are watching purely depends on what ratings Rotten Tomatoes has for a movie or TV show. So instead of leaving the Amazon Prime website and searching for the ratings on a different website, it is a great idea to integrate these Rotten Tomatoes ratings with in the Amazon Prime videos account.

I found this Chrome extension pretty useful. All you have to do after installing it is hover your mouse over the movie or TV show you are planning to see and immediately you will see the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for it in the pop up. If you also decide whether to watch a movie or TV show based on its Rotten Tomatoes ratings then you should definitely have this Chrome extension.

Check out Amazon Prime Videos – Rotten Tomatoes Overlay Chrome extension here.

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