4 Free XML To Excel Converter Software For Windows

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Here is the list of 4 free XML to Excel converter software for Windows.

All these software can convert XML(.xml extension) file  into Excel (.xls extension) format easily. They all let you view and edit XML files, before converting them to XLS format (except Swift XML2Excel), so you don’t need to use separate XML Viewer and XML Editor.

Earlier I covered a couple of online services to convert XML to XLS online, but if you are worried about data security, then you can use any of the software listed here to perform the conversion on your PC itself.

Lets me introduce you to all of these one by one, starting with Microsoft Excel, which is the most commonly used software in this list.

Microsoft Excel

xml to excel - MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most popular Excel file editing software. But it can also be used to convert XML file into XLS format.

[Editor’s Note: We know that Microsoft Excel is not free, but we still decided to include this in this list, for the sake of completeness. A lot of our readers already have this software installed, so we decided to explain how to use Excel to convert XML files to XLS format, without using any additional software.]

How to Convert XML to XLS in Microsoft Excel:

  1. Open your XML file.
  2. Click on the Office Button on the top left corner of Microsoft Excel.
  3. Then, click on Save As option.
  4. Lastly, click on Excel Workbook option.

Microsoft Excel also lets you view and edit XML file, before converting it into XLS or XLSX format. It can also convert XML file into many other formats, like: PDF, CSV, HTML, TXT,etc.

You can also try these free alternative software to Microsoft Excel.


xml to excel - file2data

File2data is a very useful file editing and converting software. It lets you to edit XML file before converting it into Excel format.

It can easily convert XML file into Excel format. You need to simply open a XML file, then select its Export format as Excel Microsoft, then enter the Name of the excel file, and click on the Go button on the bottom right corner of its interface.

It supports many other input and output formats, apart from XML and XLS. Some of the input formats are: PDF, TXT, HTML, CSV, etc. Some of the output formats are: MDA, CSV, HTML, etc.

It setup file size is less than 16 MB.


xml to excel - XMLFox

XMLFox is a XML editing and converting software. It is a very small software, but provides many XML editing and converting features.

Steps to convert XML to Excel format using this software:

  1. Open your XML file.
  2. Click on the File option in the menu bar of this software.
  3. Then, click on Export option or press F5 (short-cut key) key on your keyboard.
  4. A small Convert to Window will open. Select the Excel Workbook option from this Window.
  5. Then click on the Ok button.

Some other important features of this software are:

  • It lets you to create and edit XML or XSD file.
  • It also provides XML Schema Structure Tree pane on the right side to help you edit XML file more effectively.
  • It also provides many editing tools, such as: Select Font, Select Table Design, Filter Records, etc.
  • Other convertible formats it support are: PDF, TXT, DOC, HTML, CSV, etc.

It is a very lightweight software and its setup file size is less than 2 MB.

Swift XML2Excel

xml to excel - Swift XML2Excel

Swift XML2Excel is the simplest software in this list to convert XML to Excel format. Simplest because its only and main feature is to convert XML file into Excel format. To convert XML file into Excel format, you need to simply open a XML file and then save it into Excel file format.

It has a very simple user interface and it is also the only portable software in this list. It is also the smallest software in this list with download zip file size of 224 KB.


All these software let you easily convert XML to XLS or XLSX format. If you already have Microsoft Excel installed, then you can use the steps mention in the beginning to convert XML to XLS. If not, use one of the remaining software to do the same. And let me know your favorite one in comments below.

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