13 Websites To Create Invoices using Free Invoice Templates

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Here are 13 websites to generate invoices using free invoice templates.

Creating an invoice is time-consuming as you have to begin from the starting and enter fields. However, these websites make it an easy task to generate invoices by providing the template(s). You only need to enter details in the preset fields. Some of these websites provide very simple template and some come with beautiful templates. Apart from this, you can also download your invoice as PDF file for later use, and email invoice to client. Let’s start with the first invoice template website.


Invoicehome.com homepage

Invoicehome.com provides more than 100 beautiful invoice templates. You can download the prepared template (as Excel or PDF), send it to recipient via email, and can also save your templates online. Interesting feature that comes with this website is that you can allow your clients (say payers) to pay the bill online. For this, you can either connect your PayPal or Authorize.Net account.

Other interesting features that I found in this website is that you can edit any invoice, add your company logo, search an invoice, keep track of paid and unpaid invoices, and check your customers’ who have paid invoice or not.


Aynax website

Aynax.com lets you add your company logo to invoice template and has many other interesting features. However, only one invoice template is provided by this website. If you are satisfied with one template, then this could be one of the useful website for you.

You can keep track of your payments (check unpaid invoices, paid, partial paid), see your income statement, enter expenses, see list of expenses, and store list of expenses. Option to connect your PayPal account is also provided for online payment.

Free Invoice Generator (Homepage)

Free Invoice Generator- homepage

Free Invoice Generator comes with a very simple invoice template, but it is good to quickly generate your invoice with all items. The unique feature in this website is that you can delete your local data after downloading the PDF file of your invoice. The template supports multiple currencies, let you add discount (if needed), enable/disable shipping charges, and insert flat tax or VAT. So invoice template is good enough to use.


Invoiceto.me homepage

Invoiceto.me is also a very easy to use website that provides only one invoice template. It supports a table where all fields are available for items. You can also delete rows or add new rows in table. All fields in the template are editable, so you can create a custom invoice for you. You won’t find advanced features in this website, but its a quick way to generate invoice and download to PC as PDF.

Click here to read its full review.



Invoiceable (free version) is also a handy website to generate a good invoice using the template. This website is also useful to manage invoices, clients, items,  and check stats. Unfortunately, its free version contains link of this website in invoice, but still it is useful to generate invoices and keep the records.

Check its full review.

Invoiced (Lite)

Invoiced homepage

Invoiced Lite is also a good option to use invoice template that provides many options. You can select the desired currency, add notes to invoice, insert terms & conditions, due date, company logo to your invoice. Options to send invoice directly to payer and save the PDF is also available. Interesting feature is that after sending the invoice, you will also receive delivery confirmation (if you have submitted your email).


Quick Invoices

Onlineinvoices.com (or Quick Invoices) provides three different templates that you can use without sign up. You can use Tax Invoice, Simple Invoice, and Business Invoice template. Before sending the invoice, you can also preview it, or simply download it for later use.

You can also create a free account on this website. However, free account lets you use 30 invoices per month for 3 clients and Quick Invoices reference will be visible on sent invoices.

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice also provides a beautiful template to quickly create the invoice and take print of that invoice without any sign up. However, if you create a free account, then you will get more benefits. For example, you can send unlimited invoices to 5 customers, can attach files (5 MB) with invoices, and connect multiple services for payment. PayPal, Authorize.net, stripe, forte, etc. services can be used.


Invoice At Once homepage

Invoiceatonce.com provides a very beautiful interface and an elegant template to create a custom invoice. Unique feature of this website is that you can select a particular font and desired colors in invoice. Rest of the important fields are already added in which you need to add details. After preparing the invoice, you can download the PDF file and email it to recipient.

Simple Invoicing (Homepage)

Simple Invoicing

It is quite clear with the name of this website that generating the invoices is so easy using this website. An elegant template will be in front of you where you can add details and take the print of invoice. Unfortunately, there is no option to send or download the invoice, but still it is good to create a beautiful invoice.



Invoice-o-matic is also useful for creating a simple invoice with its default template. A lot of currencies are available in template that you can choose according to your requirement. Unique feature available in this website is that you can send PDF file of invoice directly to client’s email address. A copy of your invoice can also be saved by you as PDF file.



Invoiceberry (free subscription) is another handy website that lets you select from 2 templates to generate the invoices. You can send unlimited invoice to 2 clients. Apart from this, you have the option to manage clients, track expenses, and see reports of invoices.

Interesting feature in this website is that you can select a custom login page to create and manage invoices.

Full review is here.

Free Online PDF Invoice

Free Online PDF Invoice

Update 2022: This website doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you use some other online invoice tool.

Free Online PDF Invoice provides a basic template to generate the invoice. You can add as many items to invoice as you want and can also insert a custom message. Once you are done with the details, you will be able to download the invoice to PC as PDF. It’s a straightforward website to easily create a good invoice.


That’s all folks! Whenever you feel urge to quickly generate invoice for your own business, company, or for any other purpose, you can use any of these websites. However, the very first website Invoicehome.com is a fantastic website that comes with 100+ templates.

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