Website to Find if your Soap has any Harmful Ingredients

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Let’s start by saying that we all use various soaps in our house for various purposes. We use soaps to clean our body, we use soaps or liquids to clean dishes, we use soaps to clean the floors, we use soaps to clean our clothes, we use soaps to clean glass, etc. But do we know what all ingredients these soaps have and whether they are harmful to us. Most of these soaps, liquids, cleaners we touch or come in contact with, are they safe or do they pose a threat to our health or environment.

So you do need to know what is in your soap, is it harmful to you, does it affect the environment in any way, etc. Here is a website we found that does exactly this. What’s in your soap from cleancult let’s you know all about the ingredients of a soap and whether these ingredients are safe or harmful.

When you open up What’s in your soap website you will see a page like the one shown in the screenshot below.

The page from cleancult provides you lots of options on the top right side to read about the website, reviews, etc. Center of the screen shows you the soap tester screen with know what’s in your soap written in a big font. Below this heading you will find two text boxes and a button which can be seen in the screenshot below.

In the first box you have to enter the name of your soap and in the second box you can enter your email address, but that is a optional box. You don’t have to enter one if you do not want to. Then you can go ahead and click the find out now button. The website will take a few seconds to process the info about the soap you entered while displaying a hilarious quote.

You will be shown all the soaps with the name that you entered, as shown in the screenshot below. The total number of products found with the name you entered will be displayed on the top.

Each resultant soap in the list will have a grade displayed right next to its name and the number of concerns about the product are mentioned as well. Click on product details for a product which you are looking for. The product you choose will open in full screen with all the ingredients mentioned.

As you can see in the screenshot above all the ingredients are mentioned along with a rating on if they are of low concern or impact, medium or high concern. The rational behind the concerns is also given along side.

The results will display a overall summary of the product, then a full ingredients list, and then soap grades are displayed, as can be seen in the screenshot above. The soap in the above screenshot gets a score of 35 out of 50. It also shows how safe or harmful the soap is on different scales like skin irritation and allergies, asthma/repository scale, environment, cancer, etc.

Then at the bottom is a share button which lets you share this result with your friends and family to make them also aware about the effects of common soaps being used in a house.


What’s in your soap is a useful website, which lists all the harmful ingredients in a soap which can cause allergies, skin irritation, etc. and are also harmful to the environment. This can actually help you replace your regular soaps and choose natural ones.

Check out What’s in your soap here.

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